Weird FPS behaviour on smooth dirt condo

Some weird FPS behaviour happens in a specific spot on my condo on smooth dirt, pay attention to the FPS counter at the top right corner near 3:56 and 5:05 from the video below.
If you feel like I did something wrong, or what can be done let me know here.

Steps to Reproduce

Open my condo, and then use the launcher pad on rooftop to get out of the glass dome, then move a bit once you get out of the dome, you’d see the fps goes instant from 30 to 60 depending where the player is located.

PC specs if needed:
NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X @4.4GHz
16 GB DDR4

What I expected to happen

Expected to keep running at stable 60 fps.

What happened

I am not sure, probably my condo is getting heavy? I’m not using much workshop stuff, like about less than 25 items.

Notes / Media

Is this condo available on workshop? I could open it up in my editor and see what’s going on.

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Here it is, thank you for looking what’s the issue.

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