Weird audio?

I saw someone else posted something similar awhile ago but I didn’t really understand what the solution was for them lol… I honestly have always had this issue and just figured it was something that was just happening since it was new but basically, the audio is completely fine on the menu but when I go anywhere else, whether it is Ball Race, Minigolf, Lobby, Condo, etc. it just starts to get an almost glitchy sound. I’ve checked to see if my audio drivers are all up to date and they are, I’ve tried changing some of the in-game settings in case it was due to maybe my computer lagging or something but nothing fixes it. --The weirdest thing is that as soon as I go and open the settings button, the sound goes to normal. But then a few seconds after I hit esc and are back in the game it starts messing up again. If this isn’t a good enough description I am able to record what it sounds like, but I’m kinda at a loss of what to do. I saw that in the other one that it could be incompatibility with the Unreal 4 Engine but then how would I fix that? And why does it completely fix itself once I’ve opened the settings button? ~Thanks in advance.

Edit: (Currently in MiniGolf) Seems like it starts to mess up as soon as I click to shoot, if I go to the settings and then go back to the game it’ll remain fine until I decide to actually click.