Weekly Dev Log for November 26th, 2018

Weekly Dev Log for November 26th, 2018

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Dev Log for the week of November 26th, 2018. Here’s what everyone was up to last week! Note: Devs that don’t appear in the weekly log are not necessarily away or not doing work, but may be working on things currently not announced or backend work that doesn’t need to be detailed.


Last week we released a hotfix which fixed several issues that affected the update, which you can read about here.


@macdguy worked on defining several manifests for Stats, Badges, Milestones, Upgrades, Mutators, and Fishing items. Manifests are databases, for example the Fishing Manifest would contain facts about each fish a player could catch.

EXP Progress Bar

@macdguy also worked on implementing a 2D Particle System, which allowed him to work on the new EXP progress bar.

EXP Progress Bar Demo


@macdguy spent some time going through various assets and reducing their memory usage in places that he could.

Colorable Item Tabs

The Colorable Item UI was changed on condo items to make each piece of the item a separate tab, instead of having all of the colors smashed onto a single page.

Colorable Item UI Tabs

Condo Day/Night Saving

@Madmijk worked on saving Day/Night status in condos to the save file, so that when a user starts up their condo from a snapshot, the condo will be the correct time of day that it was when it was originally saved.

Condo Day/Night Saving Demo


@Lifeless and @Johanna continued working on Project 23.

Wrap It Up

That about covers everything that happened last week at PixelTail Games. The log is a bit short as PixelTail was closed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday last week for the holidays. See you all next Monday!


Johanna is part of project 23 now? :thinking:

Alright real talk devs, can you put the preview video music titles underneath? Some of them are real bops and I’m never going to figure out what they are.


We should get the weather saving thing as a non snapshot feature. some of us hate waiting 3 minutes for a condo to reload just for the weather.

Ho shit, we got 2 mapmakers on project 23 now.

Lobby 3 confirmed? Who knows. But one thing I do know is that i can see why the Arcade and Nightclub has been further delayed. Why impliment 2 new map activities when you’re gonna rehash the map again lol

You mean the weather loading straight when the condo is opened? Because that is already the case. Snapshots are just a way of quickly demonstrating it in the videos.

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So will the upcoming improvements save the time of day for the last known edit? Or will we need to load the snapshot every time?

Yes, it will load from the last known edit, like I said in the post above.


There’s a chrome extension I use that’s sorta like Shazam that I just click on in my browser when I wanna know a song. The one in the day/night video is Savoir Faire by Chic.


yEEEEHAW one step closer to being a rolling Dave crushing peasants in the plaza with my magnificent ball orb


Not if i crush you first with my even bigger ball orb.

Not if I crush you with this first