Weekly Dev Log for May 4th, 2018


Weekly Dev Log for May 4th, 2018

No written log this week, as we had a Developer Livestream.

Community member @rrmm created a nice stream recap if you aren’t able to watch the VOD.


USA is canon now. However, what I find a bit strange is that the helicopter arrives at the end of each day (round). I think it would be much cooler (and more immersive) if it only arrived after finishing the last round and every round before that ended with a generic “good work, but more zombies are coming tommorow…” message, considering the rounds do get harder as the game goes on. Even the intro text says “Rescue arrives in 6 days.”

Also, could you guys speak a bit more clearly/loudly next time? Thanks :slight_smile:


This also makes more sense from a gameplay perspective. Once the heli arrives, you already have to kill all the remaining zombies; is there any sort of fail condition once the last zombie is killed? If not, I see no reason in making the players do an extra objective before ending the day.


Oh yeah, I forgot that you also play as the same survivors through the entire game this time around. Before, you could imagine that you played as a different group that arrived to the same extraction point a day later into the apocalypse each round, but now we have upgrades. It’s just weird to get rescued, upgrade your character and… have to be rescued again. From the same location. A day later.

I know it’s extremely miniscule, but it still matters. Kinda. And changing it would make the final helicopter extraction much more worth it.


I personally thing that you are way too fast. the zombies should be able to out run you not you out run them.