Weekly Dev Log for May 18th, 2018


Mac literally just said they wouldnt be colourable but there will be Bronze/Silver/Gold variants :stuck_out_tongue:


Are these trophies on scale with the GMT ones?


Seems i missed the part with the color, although im guessing based on what mac said and how the achievement system looks right now that the bronze/silver/gold variants will only have one version for each achievement, i was hoping we could get a bronze/silver/gold tier for each of the achievements so that you could get gold on all of them.


Achievements are only earned once, so you can’t really have different stages of them. The trophies may be part of the milestone system where you have to earn EXP to unlock the different stages or they will tie into achievements. We’re still discussing it.

The trophies should be scaled to match the GMT ones - they’re trophy sized.

From Discord DMs:

[quote]macdguy - Last Friday at 10:23 PM
i better be able to upgrade my ball race ball to this shield one day[/quote]


I do hope we could earn a gold version of all the trophies by earning bronze and silver first, would make ones inevitable trophy room look alot better in my opinion.


What about making the trophies require both XP and a certain number of achievements? They seem to be the “definitive”, most standardized rewards one is able to get from an activity, so asking the players to fill both requirements makes a lot of sense to me.
But on the other hand, it could be pretty confusing. And it would also combine the bad sides of both of these options.


Forgot to mention I really hope this is a sign fishing will get some focus after ZM. Seeing it get some progress and then set aside was understandable but such a tease. I wannah fish in my condo and set up aquariums! An update with Achievements/Milestones and Fishing between Zombie Massacre dropping and the team’s next big focus would be ideal. So many things in the works you never know though.


For example, one of Zombie Massacre’s milestones is a drivable helicopter. It’ll most likely be colorable.

hooooollllyyyyy shiiittttt