Weekly Dev Log for May 18th, 2018

Weekly Dev Log for May 18th, 2018

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Dev Log for the week of May 18th, 2018. If you haven’t heard, we’ve recently retired our old Daily Dev Log in favor of the Weekly Dev Log, which will allow us to give a broader picture and explain things in plain English, while also including some photos from development. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Zombie Massacre

Changes since the Stream

There have been many changes to Zombie Massacre since we showed it off on the last developer livestream. We’ve compiled a little list detailing each of the changes.

  • A maximum player count of six players was decided on.
  • Weapon pickups are no longer grabbed automatically on touch. Pickups are now picked up by tapping the Spacebar, which will allow the player to selectively grab the weapon they want on the playing field.
  • Weapon pickups will now be pulled towards the player, increasing the radius in where the player can pick up the weapon.
  • The starting weapon upgrade was completed. Players can now upgrade their starting weapon. The stages are as follows: dual handguns, Uzi, and saw-offed shotgun. These weapons have unlimited ammo.
  • The zombie spawn system was improved. Zombies will no longer spawn on top of players, and the spawning system was improved, for when players are spread out.
  • A new weapon was added, named “Egon”.
  • The character health bar color was changed to use the character class color to make it easier to know which player is which class.
  • The object fade system was fixed so the camera is never blocked visually.
  • Players can now zoom in and out the camera.
  • Points are now awarded for reviving players.
  • The Zombie Model’s skin was finished and the visuals were adjusted to make the zombies pop out more against the environment so that they are easier to see.
  • The team list now displays the amount of lives each player has.
  • Spectating support was added.
  • Animations for the helicopter were fixed.
  • The Boss AI was reworked. Bosses now have special attacks and an ultimate attack.
  • The trace shoot effects were adjusted to look more like bullets are coming out of the gun instead of just a line.
  • The damage of Vampires and Dogs were reduced.
  • Many new sounds were added.
  • Many level changes and tweaks were made.

Boss Changes

The bosses are being reworked to have better attacks, as well as cinematic intros. We are aiming to have at least two bosses finished before release.


Sub-objectives are small optional tasks that happen per day, such as picking up supplies. They give you additional points which you can use to upgrade your stats, and help explain the story a bit.


@Wergulz has been working on two alternate skins for the Zombies, as well creating some clothing for the zombies, such as shirts and pants. @Johanna also spent some time this week creating a new texture for the Survivor’s Ramming Shield.

Zombie Massacre: Survivor’s Ramming Shield New Texture

Zombie Massacre: Survivor’s Ramming Shield New Texture


@Lifeless has been working on Gasoline, Trainyard, and Compound.


Other features being worked on include payouts, special item cooldowns, and possibly a new weapon.

Slaughterday Night Live


Chris continued working on the RPG-7, finishing the high poly and starting work on the base textures.

RPG-7: Untextured First Person View WIP

RPG-7: Textured First Person View WIP

RPG-7: Textured Front Overview WIP

RPG-7: Textured Back Overview WIP

Minigolf: Kingdom

@Johanna continued working on the upcoming Kingdom map for Minigolf. This week, she created a new hole.

Kingdom: New Hole

Milestone Trophies

@Johanna continued creating some trophies for the upcoming Milestones. This week she created trophies for the Casino, Typing Derby, and Little Crusaders.

Milestone Trophies: Casino

Milestone Trophies: Typing Derby

Milestone Trophies: Little Crusaders

Theatre Lighting Overhaul

@Johanna worked on overhauling the lighting and some materials inside of the Plaza Theatre. These changes haven’t been moved to the Theatre Condo yet, but will soon.

Theatre Lighting Overhaul: Overview

Upcoming Furniture

@JJosh continued working on new furniture items for Tower Unite. This week, he added a Telephone Pole, Number Sign, various Lightbulbs, Illuminated Fence, Illuminated Fence Post, Fancy Handrail, and some Handrail items.


@krionikal continued working on animations, tweaking the hand rig, and started working on the animations for the fishing rod.

Wrap It Up

That about covers everything that happened this week at PixelTail Games. We’ll see you all next week, and have a great weekend!


Ooooo, more trophies, possibly win a jackpot to earn the casino trophy? Also can’t wait for Zombie Massacre, it’s gonna be lit.

Great i’m Hyped about it. Now we need to add some new doors like the classic private theaters rooms from the old game mode map, Cinema.
For better improvement.
ya know the Small Movie Rooms


Really excited to find out more info on this weapon.

Can this be overridden for personal servers (you know, the games made from the main menu)? It might be fun to allow large groups, even if it’s not technically advised.



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I agree. I feel like more players together would make the experience very fun!

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I’ll do you one better, I’ll show you a video of it:


a minigun that spits out fire…brilliant

That new ramming shield texture

Milestone Trophies: Typing Derby

I can guarantee that other than game completionist almost no one will want to try to get this one.

Welcome to your average weapon choice in the arena shooters back in the 90’s

Zombie Massacre will be here any day now…


The theater is looking crisp as heck


What? Typing Derby is probably my favorite plaza activity after bowling.

Will there only be trophies for milestones? Because I would love the ball from ballrace and the little crusaders knight playermodel

It’s already been stated milestone items will be actual items, not just trophies.

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We will be able to place them and customize them? Like size, colour and other things?

There’s a scaler tool in the game already so you can change the size.

The trophies you can’t change color as there will be bronze, silver, and gold variants based on how hard the award was to get.

As for milestones, it really depends on what the milestone is. For example, one of Zombie Massacre’s milestones is a drivable helicopter. It’ll most likely be colorable.


I’d love to have that ramming shield as a Ball customization option in Ball Race! That things looks rad.


Having a colorable version of the trophy would be pretty sweet.
Or maybe a bronze, silver and gold tier of each of the trophies so that we could earn a gold version for all the trophies.