Weekly Dev Log for March 16th, 2018

Waiting for RNG to essentially hand you the achievement isn’t fun, challenging or rewarding in any conceivable way.
Same can be said about the catsack achievements, really.

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The soda machine will spawn up to 10 cans, which can be thrown around, picked up, etc.

Upon spawning an 11th can, they will start to disappear making it so only 10 cans can exist per soda machine.

Fool. then i’ll just drown the world in soda machines, and then spawn enough soda cans to drown the galaxy in soda cans.

Don’t you have anything better to do?

Don’t tell me you don’t like the idea of bringing in the apocalypse by using soda cans

The achievements are meant to award players who got a jackpot. Because we felt it would be rewarding that when you do actually get a jackpot, you’d get an achievement as well. We’re thinking about making them hidden achievements so you can 100% without them.

Nothing is final, we’re still talking about it.

The cans automatically remove after 2 minutes, but if you want to clear them instantly you can stash the soda machine and it’ll clean them up. I do want to have permissions for the machines.


Personally I like the idea of having jackpot/catsack achievements. The casino is part of the game, and honestly, it’s a pretty big part of it. It wouldn’t make sense to have no achievements for a jackpot as you said before, and honestly at worst, it’s a mild inconvenience to achievement hunters.

Please add the option to disable the limits or at least increase them. It should be up to the player to decide if they want to lag their game with that many objects, and I think it could lead to some really fun moments.

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I don’t get why people are so against this. If they included Wheel of Money I’d totally get it, but Triple Diamonds is not that hard. If you’re talking about 100%ing a game I want it to take lots of hours, I don’t want it to be a checklist with two dozen items where I can scratch each item off in less than an hour.

Tower Unite is a game that focuses bringing a variety of gameplay, no one is going to like every single aspect and some aspects will involve luck.

Also everyone thinking “Oh I have to spend 10 hours on TD now!” remember not only is it luck based, but you can take breaks and step away from the machine without losing any odds for the achievement. Come back whenever you want, spread those hours across the span of two months and that’s very little time every day. Sure your jackpot might be smaller if you keep hopping machines, but you’re grinding it for the achievement and not for the money I’m assuming.


I actually made a topic on this forum a long time ago about this

mac did said he would add it again but still hasn’t, sooo…~

so glad you talked about it with josh XP thank you

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I feel like the “achievement” of hitting the jackpot and becoming filthy rich is reward enough tbh. Although I’m not really bothered if there’s 1 or 2 achievements i don’t get, i can see how people who like achievement hunting would be disappointed, especially if it’s someone who really dislikes the Casino and never plays there. It’s not something they could just do passively and eventually achieve, it forces them to play the game a certain way to 100% it. [quote=“macdguy, post:27, topic:26846”]
We’re thinking about making them hidden achievements so you can 100% without them.

That would probably be the best solution to solve this.

I’m also a big achievement hunter, I have 166/167 achievements in CS:GO. Making the achievements hidden in my opinion would not be a nice solution. It’s better to remove them completely rather than hiding them. If you want to add them, then it would be better to keep them visible like the other achievement. I think they should be added though.


Except hidden achievements DO count towards 100%.
The game itself is sort of proof of this.


I would only make easy casino achievments like Winning a Jackpot (Triple Diamonds or Wheel Of Money) and Play Spin To Win 10 times.

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I’m not a fan of RNG based achievements in any game, regardless if the chances are fair or not. Almost all the casino awards in GMT stopped me from 100%ing GMT all because I wasn’t lucky.

If you’re going to add casino related achievements I’d prefer types of achievements such as:

  • “Earning 1,000,000 Units overtime from casino activities.”
  • “Spend 1,000,000 Units overtime from casino activities.”
  • “Spend over 10 hours of your life on a slot machine.”

You don’t need to use those exact numbers, it’s just an example.
But yeah I’d avoid RNG achievements all together. They’re really disliked by achievement hunters such as myself and seeing how there’s already kinda of a debate about this on the announcement page should throw up some red flags.


Casino will have EXP and badges, which is why there are no “play for 100 hours on slots” achievements, as the EXP is earned by playing games over time.


Are there going to be trophys as prizes?

The current plan is to have some unique trophies, but mainly adding new trophy items that are themed per game with bronze, silver, and gold variations. The trophy item would allow you to set what achievement you earned to display.


better canvas cubes? YAY now i can make my condo bigger without scronching everyone that joins!

This Update gon’ be Lit