Weekly Dev Log for February 21st, 2019


Also talking about the rocky forest area seen through the binoculars that totally makes me want cool far-off places to explore and campfires to sit around in the dark at



This is amazing so much stuff set up for 7.0.0 and lobby 3 looks incredible you all are doing amazing. Keep up the good work!


God damn that is a clever solution. Good work.


Super hyped for all of this cant wait to get all 150 achievments lol


There’s 349 achievements. :stuck_out_tongue:


now the casino is making me want to gamble all my life savings away


About the casino,

Will the interior also be updated?

Because from the outside it looks to have multiple levels.

Great work btw! Looking forward to what’s coming next!


It looks like in Lobby 3, everything is closer together, which is a great thing imo


The current one already has two levels (sorta technically 3?). Theres an upper balcony going around the place, as well as a room for high-stakes poker. Then, in the direct center of the casino you can fly into a domed room thats above everything else.

That said, a layout change would be much welcomed. It feels a bit too sparse at the moment, considering high-stakes poker is the only thing occupying the otherwise empty floors.


Loving the progress on Lobby 3!!


5 Dollars people won’t see it when it’s right in front of their eyes.


The Casino looks Absolutely Sick!


The tubes are back! And better than ever! They should make these buyable items aswell. My resort pool be lookin’ a bit empty without their iconic tubes. Also, in love with the jetpack poster


For the first person legs it seems like on the shadow there was no head on it like only the body was visible on the shadow, is that an know issue?


When you’re in first person with first person legs enabled, (i think) it shrinks the head of your character, while your character looks normal for everyone else.