Weekly Dev Log for December 3rd, 2018


Weekly Dev Log for December 3rd, 2018

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Dev Log for the week of December 3rd, 2018. Here’s what everyone was up to last week! Note: Devs that don’t appear in the weekly log are not necessarily away or not doing work, but may be working on things currently not announced or backend work that doesn’t need to be detailed.

Leaderboard Progress

Steam Leaderboard support has been integrated into Tower Unite, a leaderboard manifest was created internally to map these leaderboards, and the code for downloading and sending leaderboard data was completed.

Leaderboard Progress: In-game Collection Book

Leaderboard Progress: Steam View

Collection Book Progress

Milestones, Badges, and Stat support was added to the Collection Book. Sort and category support was integrated, and stamp animations were created. With input from the community, category tags were added on the side of the book. All of these items can now be sorted, and stamp animations were created for the Achievements.

Collection Book: Milestones

Collection Book: Stats

Collection Book: Badges

Badge & Milestone Progress

All of the milestones were defined in the Item Manifest, to designate which items could be obtained from a milestone. Fishing, Shooting Gallery, Nightclub, Cooking, and Event Minigames were also defined for EXP storage.

Achievement Progress

@Will created a remixed version of the “Achievement Obtained” music from GMod Tower for use in Tower Unite.

Achievement Progress: Achievement Obtained Music

Fishing Progress

@macdguy defined all of the bait for fishing.

Winter Plaza Progress

@Johanna worked on the Winter Plaza getting it ready for release.

Resort Condo Video

@Madmijk is creating a video for the Resort Community Condo.

Tower Express Changes

An “All Departments” store was added to Tower Express which will show all the items that are purchasable on Tower Express. A Sort By button was also added to each store, allowing the user to select how they want to sort the items in the list.

Typing Derby Progress

@Caboose700 is working to convert Typing Derby from a system that is made up of random words to a system that uses complete paragraphs obtained from text found on Project Gutenberg.

Resort Bug Fixes

@macdguy fixed a few bugs for the Resort Community Condo, which can be found here.


@Lifeless and @Johanna continued working on Project 23.

Wrap It Up

That about covers everything that happened last week at PixelTail Games. See you all next Monday!


SUNSHINE DAY! :sun_with_face::blush:


Stats/Achievements AND Fishing making progress, fantastic. I’m fixin’ to grind like R Kelly just came on at Prom Night.

Also Typing Derby getting some Love! It’ll be exciting to see what text it grabs instead of the usual nonsense.


Love the progress on the collection book and leaderboards. Is there going to be any type of counter you can look at on the scoreboard when you end a round in a gameworld for like, that score’s position in the global leaderboard? For example, if I finish Level 3 of GLXY, and the scoreboard shows my score is #79 on the global leaderboard.
It’d be a nice way to quickly see how you’re doing comparatively.


I really can’t wait for the achievements and milestones. After those come out, I’ll never play game other than Tower Unite again.


The fact you remade the classic achievement earned sound now makes me want to get as many as I can get now when this is released!

As far as other modes… being a master in golf, or a master of ballrace counts too, right? PRISM, I’m looking at you!





farts confetti


Oh no, why would you use a wrench to smack bugs?


For a split second I read that as “Revert Bug Fixes”.
I was just like ???


Looks fantastic, especially excited for sunshine day to make a return. Big hype for upcoming update.




My trailer…

(Jk, I’m glad you guys are doing a trailer for it. Cant wait for the Upcoming stuff!)


:clap: :sun_with_face:
Very nice


Honestly didn’t expect sunshine day to make a comeback, i’m glad I was wrong. :wink:


To be honest, back in Gmod Tower, I was convinced that the achievement sound was “EXCEPTIONEL”, but will’s version is more clear and I realize I was wrong for years now