Weekly Dev Log for December 31st, 2018

Weekly Dev Log for December 31st, 2018

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Dev Log for December 31st, 2018, detailing all the changes that have happened since December 17th, 2018. Note: Devs that don’t appear in the weekly log are not necessarily away or not doing work, but may be working on things currently not announced or backend work that doesn’t need to be detailed.

Lobby 3 Announced

On December 23rd, we unveiled Lobby 3, which was being worked on under project code 23. Lobby 3 will be the next generation of the Lobby, which contains a new and improved layout, along with amazing remastered art, which makes Lobby 3 not only look better than Lobby 2, but perform better as well.

Lobby 3 Announcement Video

Vehicle Base

The Vehicle Base, which will be the base code for all vehicles in Tower Unite, including the RC Cars, Bumper Cars, Planet Panic, and Accelerate got some improvements. A health system, boosting support, and braking support was integrated into the vehicle base.

RC Vehicles

An RC Golf Cart was created as a milestone for Minigolf, an RC UFO was created as a milestone for Planet Panic (which also serves as the base UFO for Planet Panic rework), and an RC Helicopter was created as a milestone for Zombie Massacre. Work completed on the RC Airplane and work continues on the RC Boat.

RC Vehicle Progress WIP

Bumper Cars

As work progressed on the Vehicle Base, this code was integrated into the Bumper Cars, allowing them to be drivable and bumpable.

Bumper Cars Progress WIP


Work also began with the Dart Board, including art and throwing mechanics.

Darts Debug WIP

Darts Throwing Mechanics WIP


A huge chunk of milestones were completed. The list includes the Golf Club, Golf Bag, RC Golf Cart, Throwable Bowling Ball, Throwable Bowling Pin, Double Barrel Shotgun, Infection Flame Particle, Sonic Shotgun, Infected Attack, Throwable TNT, Radar, Flying Dragon pet, Throwable Keyboard, Laser Tag Gun, Throwable Drink, Throwable Units, Laser Tag Recharger, RC Helicopter (ZM), and RC UFO (Planet Panic).


An improved tugging animation was added to Fishing, along with a change to Fish, making them get scared away instead of just disappearing when the game is ended.

Bug Fixes / Changes

  • In Virus, the use time of the Adrenaline was reduced, the Adrenaline effect was updated, and a bug where TNT would not disappear if a player disconnected was resolved. The effects for the Sonic Shotgun were improved, smoke was added to the Flak Hand Cannon, and the TNT item received improved materials.
  • In Little Crusaders, an issue with the Birb physics was resolved.
  • In Laser Tag, an issue where the Recharge Stations wouldn’t always highlight correctly was resolved.
  • The issue where equippable items wouldn’t apply when first loading into a server was resolved.
  • A quick hotbar UI element was added, which will briefly show the weapon hotbar when the player switches weapons, so that the player knows what’s equipped.
  • Potatoes and Pumpkins now have a sound.
  • Character Animations were updated, when a player rotates in space, the player’s player model will no longer spin in place, and instead will slowly rotate when needed.
  • An issue where Workshop Player Models would flicker was resolved.

Quick Hotbar UI WIP

Upcoming Items

A square teleporter item was created, along with the Water Block (however players don’t swim when inside of it just yet).

Upcoming Item: Square Teleporter


@Lifeless and @Johanna continued working on Lobby 3.

Normal office business will resume on January 7th.

Wrap It Up

That about covers everything that happened since December 17th, 2018 at PixelTail Games. Hope everyone had a Happy New Year, and we’ll see you all next week.


Oh dis is great!


I did some work on water blocks as well, still working on it so it properly toggles swimming. You’ll see it in next log.



still no snapping…

you’re telling me i can harass people with bowling balls and pins now? best update ever!

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If you are talking about grid snapping when placing items, it’s already there.

Not for gizmos

no i mean snapping an object to another seamlessly, not the grid system.

i don’t know how well that’d work considering all of the variables there are with scaled items? maybe though


Like the one in GTA 5 where the vehicles appear to get damaged by bumping and stuff?

Nah, nothing that complex. It just simply can take damage so we can do minigames or use them in game worlds.