Weekly Dev Log for April 13th, 2018


Weekly Dev Log for April 13th, 2018

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Dev Log for the week of April 13th, 2018. If you haven’t heard, we’ve recently retired our old Daily Dev Log in favor of the Weekly Dev Log, which will allow us to give a broader picture and explain things in plain English, while also including some photos from development. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Upcoming Changes

@macdguy made some changes to Tower Unite that will be showing up in a future update. A ban list was added to the Condo permissions menu, allowing admins to add and remove condo bans easily through the menu. The House Condo was also optimized, reducing its memory footprint from 1.3GB to 700MB, and the baseboards and odd side accent from the garage were removed. The light switch models in the Condos were given LODs, and the baseboards were removed from the walls in the Default Condo.

Zombie Massacre

Grenade Launcher

@Matt continued working on the Grenade Launcher, creating the scope model.

Zombie Massacre: Grenade Launcher Scope Closeup WIP

Zombie Massacre: Grenade Launcher Scope Overview WIP

Zombie Massacre: Grenade Launcher w/ Scope First Person View


@macdguy worked on the Helicopter Evac system for the end of each round. The way the Helicopter was designed allows it to potentially be used as a milestone reward for Zombie Massacre.

Zombie Massacre: Helicopter Evac System

Zombie Massacre: Drivable Helicopter Proof of Concept

Boss System

@macdguy worked this week on the system that handles Bosses, including health and spawning, and created the [REDACTED] boss, which spawns [REDACTED] over time.

Zombie Model

@Wergulz continued working on fixing the Zombie animations.


@Lifeless continued working on Trainyard and Gasoline.


@Will started working on firing sounds for the Shotguns and the Retro Guitar, and finished the melee sounds for the Guitar and Chainsaw.

Slaughterday Night Live

Chris continued working on the M1 Garand this week, finishing the low poly, and working on the UV maps.

Slaughterday Night Live: M1 Garand Side Profile WIP

Slaughterday Night Live: M1 Garand First Person View WIP

Slaughterday Night Live: M1 Garand Side Profile Exploded View WIP

Community Condo: Lobby One

@Johanna continued working on the Lobby One Community Condo this week, working on the forest/pool areas and remodeling the Lobby One teleporters.

Lobby One Community Condo: Teleporter from GMT

Lobby One Community Condo: Johanna’s Remodeled Teleporters

Upcoming Furniture

@JJosh fixed some collisions on the classic GMT piano, long bookshelf, bongos, streetlight, and increased the brightness for the neon bar light. He also added a Plaza floor light item, along with 2 Ceiling Lights, Curved Ceiling Light, a Round Wall Light, a Small Round Light, a Prism Light, an Annular Ceiling Light, a Greek Column, a Queue Line Fence, a Dock Lamp, 2 Beach Umbrella Items, a Wood Fence, and a Casino Railing.

@Madmijk worked on some light box items.

Upcoming Furniture: Light Box Items

Wrap It Up

That about covers everything that happened this week at PixelTail Games. We’ll see you all next week, and have a great weekend!


oh wow now we can be giant cans flying in helicopters


I wannah see that helicopter in ASAP.

Also them light box items, nice!


Great work as always.
What I find a bit interesting is that the ZM helicopter seems to be a civilian one this time around. I’m not complaining, just a bit curious for why that is.


Can’t wait for those light boxes.


It looks like a lot of interesting things have happened here since I last played Tower Unite. Can’t wait to see Lobby One and Zombie Massacre. It was my the most favourite game on the GMod Tower! Good luck!


Dont worry, you can change its color, you can now pretend like you’re pequod waiting in an LZ


I cant wait for the community condos! I think this game is in safe hands


Also for the love of Mac, the grenade launcher… It has way too many rails, and that’s saying alot coming from me, i love tactical stuff but man, you do not need that many rails, i Mean come on why would the scope need another 3 rails on it, its not like weapon customization is gonna be a thing (maybe) even if it does attaching 3 holo-sights and 4 Lazer pointers would be way to crazy.


I 100% agree


Those hexagon light panels, I’m gonna have some fun with those. :ok_hand:


Im a little dissapointed the driveable helicopter video didn’t have the Flight of the valkyries playing along it.
Which reminds me that it would be awesome if the helicopter could play music while you flew it.


@Heavysteam are you reffrencing the phantom pain, jeez i know i Made the pequod joke but cmon, what’s next? A flaming whale falling out of the sky


i hope the helicopter flight animations are going to be better than the one in that helipad video


Yeah, it looks way to straight, no i did not mean it like THAT, i meant it needs a little bit of a wobble


It’s a reference to the film Apocalypse Now.

The scene in question:


Im aware of that, but its also one of the songs in mgs5 you can play on a helicopter


Keep up they great work pixel tail! Cant wait to try out zombie massacre. :slight_smile:


Ah, I haven’t played it, MGS5 is referencing that scene anyway just as Battlefield: Vietnam did.


Pixeltail is doing such a great job!