Webpage Interactivity and Coupled Objects

It would be nice to have a cursor/keyboard option for the media devices, so you can watch your favorite M-Rated streamer :

without being stuck on a Start Watching tab. (for those wondering, yes this is already using the popout video player. It still shows the message. :frowning: )

I’d imagine one way the cursor could be implemented is whenever the Q menu is open, and the media device is on, you hover over the media space and a cursor appears. This would be hard to do for projectors, but those are special somethings.

As for the keyboard, maybe you open it by coupling a keyboard or remote to the media device:
coupling: I could see this action being done multiple ways. 1) Dragging a physical line or actually selecting what device a peripheral (keyboard, remote, mouse, etc) is coupled to. 2) The peripheral object automagically detects the closest media device and couples with it.

Then to open the keyboard you press E on it, and it brings up an onscreen keyboard that can be minimized to enjoy the media, or opened so you can navigate webpages.

Maybe the remote could act like a “favorites” or “shortcuts” that can quickly type phrases or open links with a coupled objects.

This could dramatically improve the media experience in condos.