We w8 ur game,devs


All of us waiting this game

And,one question, release date-8 or 9 april?

I think its the 8th for everyone in North America and the 9th everywhere else… not sure though…

It is either April 8th or April 9th depending on your time zone. If you check the game’s steam page, it will tell you the release date in your time zone.

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in Russia its releases 9th april

please don’t put pressure on the devs, we’ve been patient

Just putting this out there. Rushing them seems a bit rude. You’ll have to wait patiently since its only gonna take a week anyways.

“We wait your game, devs”

What does that even mean?

Yes, I’m wait this,but I cannot wait this anymore :frowning:

Oh,and yeah,hello,link

I’m your fan :smiley:

I think he means this


Oh and for Tower Unite the Carbonara looks fantastic. :spaghetti:


Best post ever


They need to take their time with the game.
Do you WANT it to be as disappointing as Destiny?

even tho destiny took 7 years supposedly but i do get the point that develoment time should take its time as it needs to, the reason why destiny was a dissapointment is because a shift in management and the stuff being quickly recreated for the game as a dlc platform plan as well as the story getting shoved online rather than it all being in game.

Oh wow.
I forgot about how long Destiny took.