We need a stage

Well, there’s some very talented pianists on Tower Unite, and I tihnk they need a place to perform, obviously the night club could have a piano to perform on, and if people like the performance maybe they could donate a certain amount of units to them?

There could also be a stage on the boardwalk for people to perform at

There’s a lot of talent on TU


I agree this is a great idea!

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Something I have been thinking for a while. A auditorium on the beach with amplified sounds would be so awesome.


Just build one in your condo.


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That’s not at all the same thing. If you build a stage in your condo and put a piano on it, it’s gonna be functionally the same as a stage with a piano on it that’s not in your condo. Only difference is the location. Walking on top of books and calling it a roller coaster is functionally very different and would be idiotic to even call that a roller coaster.


I really like this idea, and how it could possibly be included in the Pulse Nightclub.
But, one issue you have to think about it as all of the flashing lights and music. If we had a playable piano, drum set, or any other instrument, there would still be music and lights interfering.

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Hey, this might sound dumb, but how do you play piano with a keyboard? Cuz I’m myself a -moderately good- pianist and I don’t have enough money to get a piano for myself yet, so I just want to know how this works x)

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A stage (or perhaps a theatre) would be okay… However, the problem with a built-in stage in the Pulse Nightclub is that it would detract from the original purpose of the place. The Nightclub is for dancing, listening to music, and whatnot, whereas a stage is somewhere for the audience to go to listen to select individuals perform. There’s a different mood about each activity that fails to mix with the other.

There isn’t much room for a proper stage in there, so a standalone performing center would be the next best option. However, where it would be located is a mystery.

I do agree that stages built in the condo would be better, because the Lobby just doesn’t seem to have enough people.


You could ask that about every future TU addition.

I only see 32 slot Condos in my server list while 32 is the rare minimum for Lobby servers, most are 64 or three digit numbers. As soon as Lobby activities like the Casino arrive, this issue should be a thing of the (Alpha) past.


I guess it’s safe to say that it’s hard to tell what will fit the game this early in development.

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OK, I’ll admit, I hadn’t thought about any of that. That sounds really awesome. Now I really want a dedicated theater in the plaza. And maybe a jazz club, even. Fucking love jazz clubs.


There are much space in the island to place this, so why not?

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But the condo is limited to number of people, imagine 100 people on a stage

Keys = notes, jf you dont want to learn the ingame piano though you can allways hook a midi up to it, but until you buy one : virtualpiano.com i s the same as ingame

Thats the reason for not enough people, the only activity is shopping or watching youtube

I’m not against a stage/player theatre, I’m just not sure how well one would work out. If the servers have hundreds of people on at once, it’s more than likely that someone will use it. Surely the servers will get this many people playing at once, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

The issue is, there’s nothing to do there without somebody or a group of people performing. If there’s nobody to perform, then the entire building is functionally useless.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the concept of a stage/player theatre, in fact I have had many good experiences with them before, but I’m just skeptical on how often it will be used and how everything would work. If it works out, then I’m all for it.

if indeed a standalone player theatre is made for player performances and plays and all, then please add some secret passageways and stuff

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Well that’s a bit like saying why not just scrap the night club, I don’t remember t being used for anything often and was mainly just hidden away and not used ;p

At least the Nightclub could be used without other players?

Multiple people need to agree to use the same building at the same time, which makes the suggested stage a concern. It’s different from, say, the Laser Tag arena, because Laser Tag can be played by anyone, while a stage can only be played by a few individuals. Not everybody has the talent to perform. Furthermore, there’s no list of rules to qualify the stage as a minigame, so it’s essentially just another place to walk in and out of.

Edit: I guess I just need to give a stage a chance. Maybe it’ll turn out better than hoped?

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