We might need stretch goals soon!

It’s really impressive how much attention the Indiegogo is getting. We’re halfway to 49k at the time of this post. Might be a good time to put in some stretch goals!

That Kevan Brighting one from the Kickstarter in particular. :heart_eyes:

Ikr. Kevan Brighting voice work. That would be so awesome. The 3rd party indie game items sounds awesome, too.

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I want the Landscaping one to make a return as well!

These will obviously have to be redesigned to fit the IndieGogo platform, though. We also already have the rollercoaster.

I want that Character Physique though :smile:

Changing physique is already part of the character customizer. It’s just not available in the alpha yet.

Whelp. That brightens my day.

I’d be ok with landscaping as long as I don’t have to constantly keep up with it.

I don’t want a responsibility sim, I play video games to escape that fate

Just started up the alpha because I couldn’t remember the exact wording. In the character customizer, there are 3 sliders for size, weight, and definition but they don’t currently do anything.

Oh, yeah I saw those. I was hoping there would be some more to that.

Let hope break the goal by midnight . :smiley:

They accidentally leaked some.


Don’t really think it was an accident. Pretty sure they just took it down to fix the typo.

Thanks for sharing the pic, @Bokchoi. I saw it in my mobile, but I couldn’t save it

at 49,000 now

Bit premature don’t you think?

it was 48,996 when i check it a second ago

48,956 !== 49,000

we 1337 now

1337 turn up side down you get Leet now at 49,012 time for update

Now we’re $49k!