We hit the FIRST MILESTONE! $15k

Great job everyone who has backed the indiegogo so far!

Side note: Every time I create a thread in the General section it puts it in: General/Elevator: Source. (How do I remove the Elevator Source?)


All posts that don’t fit any of the main categories are generally put in the ‘Off Topic’ one, even if the topic is about the Tower Unite. Regarding the milestone, awesome news!

Yeah Ikr! %30 already backed in 22 hours!

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its amazing! you will notice soon that there will be less and less donations happening
but just like the kickstarter im sure alot of people will start donating at the end
what was the minimum amount of money do they need to reach to at least MAKE the game? was it somewhere around 30k?

Yeah I think Mac said 30k atleast on stream BUT DON’T QUOTE ME ON THAT… :hand:

i think i remember seeing a few comments saying that the minimum was 30k also
i honestly think we will reach the minimum… a bit less faith that it will get to 50k but i have hope! :smiley: (btw i just have to say it now and say that i hate the stuff like :smiley: when i would rather it be : D)

On the Kickstarter they reached 37K. Taking into account they made a much better campaign this time and advertising seems to be more efficient, I have faith they can get to 50K

Then Alt+0144 is your friend :D

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holy shit how have I not heard of this before

The 15K is insanely incredible but this is absolutely mind blowing.

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mind blows everywhere…

Imagine if we actually reach the 50k goal.

This is great stuff, hopefully the alpha can help give an idea of what the game is like to those who haven’t seen it before. I hope we can smash the 50k target and get close to something like 75k, but one can dream.

when you say alt+0144 how do you do that exactly? like do i hold alt and press 0 1 4 4?

I think you’re supposed to do that with your numpad keys. Just my guess.

Indeed. You type the first character, then keep pressed Left Alt and type 0144 in the Numpad. Then type the second character. It creates an “empty space” between both and the forum doesn’t recognise the emoji! :)

Turn Numlock on, hold alt, press 0 1 4 4, and then release alt. It’s only that way for Windows though, not sure about Mac/Linux.
Edit: 2slo

Did you mean…?

P.S.: Sorry for the little off-topic :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate you mac
Your indiegogo campaign made me get a part-time job
Aiming for the 60 dollars tier

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