We are making the beach full of trampolines on TU!

We just started I’ll post it when we’re done…

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Here is the start to are trampoline beach.

there are mounts???!?!?

No, I was standing on top of one of the Large Toy Dinosaurs… Sorry for the inconvenience.

So worth the 3 hours
Here is a dump of the finished project

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Some more I found

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3/5 not enough images

Seriously though, is the server still up? Can I join?

Its just gone down. But I will put it back up on tomorrow

Thanks @Zeeno For posting these! I wish I could’ve been there until the end, but I’m sure you guys had fun with it…

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T’was fun. :3 I helped and also made the circle thing with the lava lamps for fun. Maybe some more pics? XDD

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Servers going up again today at 6pm GMT