Waterhole Minigolf freezing

Whenever i play the map waterhole the game either completely freezes or lags so bad its unplayable. I can hear other people hitting the ball sometimes, but its just a frozen screen of either the first hole or the warmup hole when you load in.

When i load in i cannot customize my ball, and do not see other players / pings. Friends have told me my ping is very high. Any other golf map works fine, this is the only one i have a problem with.

System specs is AMD FX 8320, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, Nvidia GTX 970 so i doubt its my system, and my internet connection is 250 Mbps down / 20 Mpbs up.

I dont get a dumpfile when this happens, so i cant upload anything that might help.

Well, if you’re being told your ping is high, have you tried hosting a waterhole server yourself via the main menu? That should eliminate that issue, at least.

I wasnt aware you could do that, I just tried but did not have any success. I was able to hit the ball this time but it froze immediately and came back after about 30 seconds. My ping is fine playing any other map with a large amount of players.

Have you tried verifying the game cache files on Steam, just to make sure no files are missing or corrupt? You can do so by right clicking on Tower Unite in the game library and go to Properties and Local Files.

Yes i probably should have said that in my original post. I tried verifying the files first and then uninstalled the game and reinstalled it to my SSD (was originally on a spin). There was no change.

let’s see what @macdguy @Zak and the rest of the crew thinks about that.

I take your framerate is consistently high?

It is yes. I will try changing some settings around to see if i can get a different outcome.

I set the resolution to 640x480 and everything to low, and i was still getting about 20-30 second delay between any action (choosing a ball color, taking my first and second shot).