Watcha getting for the holidays?

I’m getting this tomorrow

Alright, so now it’s the time of the year where we get our presents (well, atleast for most people)! Let’s share what we have got:

I’ve been thinking about whether i get that keyboard or not. Well guess what, I did! Let me explain how my first experience went with it so far:

I just unboxed it but didn’t really connect it yet, since I am going away from home for a day or more, but I’ll do that once I am back.
I got the one with Cherry MX Brown switches, and great god these are loud compared to my current logitech keyboard, and they aren’t even the loudest of all the MX switches.
Typing works good enough on it. At the moment I can still do this better on my logitech keyboard, but I am pretty sure I just gotta get used to it. I mean, it’s probably not even mechanical.
Can’t really tell much more, but I will return with some more information when I am back.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention, is that the L key sounds slightly different than the other keys for some reason. When pressing it, it gives off some kind of quiet snapping noise when bottoming out, something the other keys don’t do. It is likely that I don’t have to worry about that, but we’ll see.

My new keyboard is working like a dream, I’m currently setting custom lighting profiles for my most played games, so specific keys light up when said game is running. (Things like WASD and the use key, etc)

I got a Squid Girl and Green Squid amiibos, so I’ll unlock the content from them in a bit.

I got some new shirts with prints of stuff I like, such as Gravity Falls and Adventure Time.

I got a joke gift from a friend: A handbook to swearing in different languages.

I got a new mug showing the Periodic Table of Swear Words.

And sweets. So, so many sweets~ :smile_cat:

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I know I’m late for this, but I have a computer now.

1 thing I got was Yo-kai Watch. I have played more than 8 hours already… :astonished:

I got a new computer and a 3D Printer

A little box with different weird or good flavour (the harry potter thing), a sweat, socks from London, a lot of money, with that, i bought some emotes on a private chat for a streamer + i subscribed for life, i bought sits for my father to watch a rugby match and the most important thing i had…


And yeah that’s all! (I’m so happy :slight_smile: )

Okay so… for Christmas and Birthday, I got an Underwear, Socks, A perfume 1 million Poco Rabanne, a pull-over, books for school,

a Kigurumi :3

, and a new desk chair

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I’m officially addicted to Yo-kai Watch. I have completed the game in less than 24 hour, played the post game for more than 35 hours… and that’s not all! I got an actual Yo-kai Watch, and I also ordered some medals go with it, which should arrive tomorrow…
Help meee…

ahem… anyway…

I got Amiibo, candy, money, and other cool stuff.
So far, I only spent 5 bucks out of the 45 I got, and I went ahead and bought Little Inferno for the Wii U.
I barely have any games, and plus it was on sale for half the price. It’s a pretty good game. I recommend it if you like short games that slave off time.

I was debating between this and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. Sucks to hear its that short. How is it and the postgame?

There is so much to do in this game. The story as a whole took me about 20 hours to do, and as of now, I have played more 35 hours. One thing that made me want to get it is that it has tons of cool features, such as catching bugs, fishing, day/night cycle, etc.
The thing is, some missions don’t really give enough information. It mostly happens when you need to upgrade your watch. Most of the time, you will need to defeat certain Yo Kai to ‘prove yourself’. The huge downside is that the objective would be something like you would have to defeat a [Yo Kai] at [area], which may not sound bad, but there is no way of knowing where the location is. Trust me, the game is huge, and there are tons of locations, so I would recommend a guide, like IGN. I would really go on more, but I’m trying to make this as short as possible. I don’t recommend playing this when have some other 3DS games uncompleted, as I have a hard time putting it down, and playing other games. I totally recommend it, mostly if you play your 3DS on the go.

Edit I meant that I completed the game in 24 hours, not a hour. Sorry, I fixed it.

Ok, so update on me apparently getting “nothing”. I’m getting quite something instead apparently. So about 4-6 years ago, i got teased and bullied in Middle school and i constantly had stuff stolen from me by a group of asshole kids. So when they stole my ipod (still 4-6 years ago) my mom decided to take legal action on the kids as the bullying was non-stop. So fastforward to about last week and apparently the U.S. Justice system finally came through and, let’s just say that it made my christmas.

I know it isn’t alot, but still, it made my christmas way more sweeter, considering i completely forgot that any of this happened. So this plus the money i already got for christmas, which wasn’t much, but still, money adds together. Since money is rare for me, I decided to pour it into my #1 passion, pc gaming. So after much searching around the internet for the best deals for possible upgrades on my gaming pc, i came across one of the best deals ever. My friend recently upgraded his build from an i5 4690k to a i7 4790k, and he was offering me his old CPU for only $100 since he had no use for it. Essentially i’m getting a Core i5 4960k & a MSI Z97 Gaming 5 for about $200… together, which for me will be a massive upgrade from my FX 6300 currently in my build.

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