Warning: Units reset coming back from beta update

I had over 6 Million Units, and it put me down to some number around 20,000 after switching back from the beta to the regular game. If i can have this reverted that would be nice. But fair warning to anyone with a metric ton of units, you may lose them all to this bug. Can’t find anywhere to contact an admin or submit a ticket, so i guess i’m forced to post here public forum.

If you’re in the Tower Unite Discord there’s a support channel where you can submit a ticket. Not sure how different results and response times are between there and here though.

Did you win a bunch of units to get that value from either silver saddles or roulette?

If so those games didnt cost anything or payout units in the beta so until you did somthing to validate your units like spinning the spin to win or something it won’t update back to your real value.

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If you earned units from Roulette or Silver Saddles, you did not earn those units, as payouts for them were disabled during the beta. It visually showed you as earning them but your actual account did not have any transactions made.

Switching between the beta and non-beta does not touch your units in any way.