Warning/Notification for server restart

Server restarts can mean the end of the day in the game for a fair number of people. New players that wouldn’t know when a server is about to restart or even vets that get caught up in the moment and lose track of time may have their fun spoiled to a sudden restart. Currently players only reactions to this is to end the night, rejoin the server they were already at and mostly likely come back to a fraction of the party that was there before, or join a random server where hopefully by chance meet up with some of the same people they were playing with before or make new interactions.

If server restarts are to be a mandatory thing, I believe a notification before the server restarts can help keep the party and interactions rolling by giving players a chance to friend up or to let each other know what server everybody should join if they wish to continue their session.

The servers restart daily at I think 6 AM local server time. I think I remember them talking in the Discord about adding some sort of notification before a server restart.