Wanting to be "Productive"

//>Be me
//>Wake up this morning
//>" I should so do something"
//>Opens Source Film Maker

//>Closes Source Film Maker
//>“I should play some Tower Unite”
//>Go to rally friends to play
//>Tell me they’ve lost interest in the game…
//>Sit at my computer desk for 12 hours straight and do nothing.
The life of a lonely Coont.


Just play tu on your own. That’s the good thing about this game, instead of needing friends to play it, you’ll make them as you go. Just go play some minigames, or do some condo hopping.

I did a few SFM posters a few years ago (shameless self promotion :sunglasses:)
I never get around to sit in front of my pc that long. I want to write an OpenGL graphics engine, get better at UE4 and work on my paper. But when finally get to use my Pc I only play games… I only spend like 20 hours in front of my pc per week. And that makes me really sad!

you never ask to play with me even though i have you on steam, so if you wanted to play you should’ve asked.

That’s because you are playing in your Gungeon all the time :stuck_out_tongue:. I didn’t ask you either. But that’s because in the past few weeks I didn’t have that much time anyway. We were writing some exams so I had to learn a lot. In a few weeks that shouldn’t be an issue anymore. And I’ll play a bit more.

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and then you come on a week later and they’re like “oh we just finished playing tower unite while you were gone”

I didn’t mean to sound rude at all in that first post.
What I was trying to say was that the only place I have seen these types of posts are on 4chan. I didn’t mean it to sound like your post is not allowed here or it doesn’t fit in. I was trying to make a joke, but I see I didn’t really make sound funny, and it just turned out to sound mean.
I’m Sorry about that.


I wasn’t honestly even awake to see your post, so I assume you pissed off someone of higher power…

if you want to be productive then just do it

you open sfm for a few seconds and make a funny meme face and get nothing done so why bother