Want to be in an updated Arcade trailer?

Hey everyone! We’ve giving the Arcade trailer a slight tweak - we noticed that because we had to record footage of the Arcade trailer before its release, it meant that we couldn’t really show the Arcade full of activity like it is in-game because it was filmed before the public release.

So, it’s time to change that! I’m going to replace the footage in the trailer with some new footage with a bunch of people playing in the same server, and I need your help! If you’d like to cameo in the video and get some bragging rights, join me at 7:30pm BST / 2:30pm EST on Wednesday 10th June 2020!

If you plan to attend, there’s some things you should know:

  • I’ll be using the #tower-unite channel in the PixelTail Discord server to communicate. I’ll have text and voice chat OFF.
  • Please don’t use Workshop models! I’ll have them off, but placement of wearables is still affected if you’re wearing a Workshop model. Don’t use them please.
  • Please unequip text hats and pets!

Also, here’s the checklist of stuff I need footage for.

  • Skee-ball slow pan shot (at the start, maybe some players playing the game)
  • Ring God on top moving backwards (same as above, a couple people playing?)
  • Shot moving across on the rails near Planetary Piano
  • Salmon Says gameplay
  • Super Hoopers gameplay
  • Avalanche gameplay
  • Skee Ball gameplay
  • Wheely Rigged gameplay
  • Ice Cave gameplay
  • Whirl-a-Fish gameplay
  • Lonely Gun 30XX gameplay
  • Wheel of Fire gameplay
  • Little Birde Feeders gameplay
  • Dizzy gameplay
  • Tornado gameplay
  • Whack-a-Mole gameplay
  • Arcade Lounge: Moving Forwards
  • Arcade Lounge: Moving Backwards
  • The Asteroid Belt (reverse walk + crouch)
  • Asteroid Belt (moving left, people playing WAM, Super Hoopers, etc)

I’ll announce which server we’ll be using right here around 15 minutes before. See you there!


I’m up for it. Also Happy Forum Anniversary Nath.


sounds like fun

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I’ll see you there Nath.

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The feeling when you’re currently in a timezone where this will happen at 2AM so you wont be in the new trailer

guess im not sleeping again


4:30 AM over here

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Today’s the day! We’ll be in Official EU London 2, I’ll see you there in about 15 minutes! Remember, we’ll be using the #tower-unite channel on the PixelTail Discord to communicate, because I’ll have in-game voice and text chat off.


I’m on my way! I’ll be waiting for you.
Won’t talk to you though.