Wall Hack Glitch


Neato Did you really have to send the messages in chat? It’s just kinda cringy reminds me of like a kid who doesn’t have a good enough setup to make a good video? Just go upto the wall and do the thing :stuck_out_tongue: also there is alot of wierd collision stuff in TU


I could edit it but i can just type in the chat so its less time consuming. Besides, its just a video for a forum.

Yeah I know it’s easier I’m just talkin about actually sending the messages to the global chat. But eh as you said just a forum video

yeah you don’t have to press enter, you can just delete the message :upside_down:

Eh… It really doesn’t matter.

It matters to me D: and my feelings! nah jk I guess it doesn’t, Just in a public lobby it seems kinda like attention seeking if you get what I’m saying