Waiting to Host

Guys, i’m from Brazil, i go to the server perfectly fine, but everytime i go to every minigame it says Waiting to Host, but it get’s stuck there, waited a few minutes, freezes and goes to the Main Menu, please help.

Yeah, I reported this yesterday on the Steam Discussions.

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I got the exact problem. I’m from South Africa and I battle to find any minigames. I can easily find a lobby/plaza server but anything else I can’t. In the main menu, if I look at the server browser for a minigame, nothing comes up after minutes of refreshing. If I go onto a dedicated server or an official server and I go to the games area and join a minigame, it’ll be on “Waiting for host” for about a minute or so and then all of a sudden kicked out of the server and back into the main menu with no message whatsoever.

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Same here and I’m from Chile

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I think it’s a better idea to report bugs in the bugs category of these forums.

It really doesn’t matter, I used what was most convenient: Pressing the ‘report a bug’ button in the game, which took me to the Steam Discussion’s section.

Put simply, they probably want people to use it.