Wait, this person isn't a guy OR a girl? Inquire Within!

Hey all! I’m Maybe (don’t ask where I got the name, it’s a very long story); I’m 19 years old; and I am probably one of the few, if not the only, gender nonbinary people here on this forum!


“So wait, this dude’s a hermaphrodite?” Nah.

“So this chick don’t got no genitals?” Oh please, if I didn’t have genitals I’d probably have killed myself by now, whether on purpose or as a result of medical problems… most likely the latter.

No, I’m biologically a dude, but I have waaaaaaaaaay stronger feminine traits/behaviors/desires and have long wished to be a girl. But I don’t feel I could ever fully be comfortable choosing strictly Male or Female, so I don’t identify as either one! Isn’t modern society wonderful?

But enough about myself. I’m one of the few people here that actually never played GMod Tower back in the day. I always liked the idea of GMod Tower, but I felt that GMod was too clunky a game to have it be enjoyable for me. I was more of the scenebuilding/posing type of GModder as opposed to the Multiplayer type. I have played Elevator: Source, though! That game was just bizzarely wonderful, and I kinda hope it makes a cameo in the final product of Tower Unite.

I mainly want to discuss/contribute ideas for the game and report any bugs I come across while playing the Alpha/(eventually) Beta. Other than that, I’m free to talk about whatever the hell y’all want to talk about!


p.s. i also make music, but i haven’t uploaded any of it yet. i still need to improve my mixing and mastering skills before I go public (three years of on-and-off practice, and I’m still learning new stuff!)


Welcome to the Pixeltail Community Forums!

Welcome aboard! :ship:

I was going to give the generic ‘welcome’, until I read this:

Gee, that’s very inspiring! Your attitude towards it really sets an example of how to deal with issues like these. You’re awesome. Don’t worry, you won’t be ostracized here, as the community is very welcoming :slight_smile:

Also, as always, welcome to the Pixeltail Community Forums! :smiley:


not guy, not girl, but extraterrestrial


Welcome to the forums and as Paradox said. We won’t judge :wink:

Welcome to the forums @Maybe. Enjoy your stay and as everyone has said, we are friendly and don’t judge :smiley:

Welcome! So, do you consider yourself agender or strictly nonbinary? Asking because I’m super curious about that mindset. I’m cis, personally, but I have trans/genderfluid friends and they’ve never really explained it to me.


Eh, I sometimes go between nonbinary and genderfluid. There are way too many terms out there for me to use, so I just stick with those since I know their concrete definitions.

So what’s the difference between agender and nonbinary?

Basically, Non-Binary is an umbrella term for anything that doesn’t fit strictly Male or Female. This includes genderqueer, genderfluid, demigender, butch, bigender, and lots of others. The term Non-Binary usually implies that the individual still identifies themselves as some gender outside or in between the male-female spectrum.

Agender is one of the terms under the Non-binary umbrella, in that agendered individuals do not identify themselves as strictly male or female. In fact, Agendered persons say they have no gender.

Hello and welcome :cat: to your left you’ll see a line of of people waiting to hug you and to your right you’ll see the entrance to candy land, i ate all the butterscotch already. (don’t worry I’ll make more)

Fun bits aside, welcome friend, Enjoy your time here, most people here are kind and fun, so just ignore the occasional haters and have fun. :smile_cat:

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I don’t usually reply to threads in the introductions forum, but I feel like I should make an exception.
I just want to say I’m amazed that you’re brave enough to share this on deh interwebs… Nevethless, you sound like an awesome person and I’d love meeting up in TU :slight_smile: