Vote smart

We just hit 70 K.
Vote smart. Think deep. Keep your wits about you.
Don’t be that guy. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t be an idiot
What will keep people coming? What will be awesome? What could last? What would be enjoyable? What could be a great addition? How will this help tower?

P.S Could we get this pinned or something? Or something like it?


Agree completely. Folks need to understand the value of the feature and understand it’s usefulness or contribution to the game.

As I said on a previous post, no nostalgia, no instant gratification, and no “omg thiz will b fun!!11!!!”.

Prove your right to help contribute, friends.

Dank memes

Add eatable tacos!!!1!!!1!

In reality I’m very curious how this will work. Having a vote makes me assume they are going to make a list and I’m interested in how this list will get compiled. Will they take stuff from the suggestions forum, or will they have us yell stuff at them and put the most popular things on the list, or something else completely? For all we know it could be a list of things they come up with for us to vote on (and if it is hopefully they wont just make the losing ideas at a later date as it defeats the purpose.)

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Vote Here Guys:

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