Virus Unlockables


Instead of only having Adrenalin, a person should be able to purchase abilites from the upgrades store. Only one ability is equipped at a time and can only be used once per round of a game. Here are some suggestions:
Taser to stun viruses
Grappling Hook
10 Second Invisibility Cloak
Adrenaline (Duh)
Translocator (Like the one Sombra from overwatch uses except it lasts forever until you teleport to it.)
Xray outlines all viruses in red through walls


I could see that happening, but not until Upgrade becomes a thing


We don’t plan to have gameplay changing upgradabes. It makes the game unfair for people who don’t have the upgrades.


Maybe, you could choose one upgrade and, then everyone would have a upgrade for they’re own, so everyone gets fair games


If that was the case, it’d have to be through a mutator of sorts. I can’t see them releasing gameplay upgrades but an optional modifier to add some wacky abilities sounds pretty fun to me.