Virus tutorial series (3 - 4 parts)

I have been planning to make a virus tutorial series for a while now, I have not gotten around to doing so because of the Tower Unite announcement that it’s being in development. I have been known by many people as a unstoppable killing machine or a very hard to get player… so with the skills I have learned and the strategies I have adapted to, I will make it into video form.

These are the videos I will be making by order:

Virus Tutorial Series Part 1: Survivors

Virus Tutorial Series Part 2: Infected

Virus Tutorial Series Part 3: Last Survivor

Virus Tutorial Series Part 4: Secret (maybe, I have not gotten around to planning this part out)

I know some people will be like why are you making a tutorial series on a simple game, and my answer to this is that people do not realize how much strategy and fast thinking/reflexes go into this type of game, so I will try to cover as much information as possible, If you guys want to see this be made make sure to check out the channel and wait for when Tower Unite releases. I will however be spending time playing virus and getting used to the changes virus will be integrated into TU #ripsniper2016

I will also try to make this tutorial professional and maybe add a little comedy in the mix, but don’t expect a very well edited video.

Link to my YouTube channel:

Really? XD

Really what?

If you’re going to do tutorials for play Virus? That’s good, and surprised :smiley:

It is a great idea to help out with the new players coming into TU and GMT. I would personally suggest using the last video to explain strategies, weapons, and/or sticky situations that some people (i.e. me) have trouble learning about in action.

Last survivor will be used for more advanced stuff like sticky situations and advanced gun usage, it will also include more advanced tactics and so on… Survivors will cover things like team-play, all weapons, and some other survivor tactics.