Virus Suggestions

I love Virus. But there are three things which bug me a bit.

First of all, the model of the flak cannon looks like a toy. It looked a lot manlier in GMod Tower.
Secondly, the autocannon/RCP-120. (I’m not sure if the autocannon is supposed to be a replacement for the RCP-120)
I miss the scoping ability and the SciFi feel of the RCP-120, and the autocannon doesn’t have any of that.
And finally the dual silencers. Why are they shown as two in the weapon wheel but when you switch to them you only have a single pistol.

I agree. Also the fov of certain weapons is s#!t

Weapon animations aren’t finished yet which is why the dual weapons only has one weapon. AFAIK it isn’t their focus to animate the rest of the weapons but I think one of the team animates a weapon whenever they have time.

The sonic shotgun should be a pump action shell loaded shotgun IMO.

most of the guns aren’t finished yet. AFAIK they’re getting remodeled and reanimated, with the dualies actually becoming… dual.
Also the autocannon is getting replaced with a completely new design.