Virus - Some Suggestions and fixes


Virus is fun. Don’t get me wrong, its a very fun, fast-paced game about skill and awareness. But there are some issues I’d like to address with gameplay, and some fixes I’d like to suggest to take care of them.

1.) Infected either infect way too easily or not at all - The Infected in the game are literally naked green people on fire trying to run around and give other players cooties. 'nuff said. But still, it’s a little fustrating that there’s not a more definite, reliable way to infect someone. All you do is run into em a bunch, and there ya go. Sometimes they just get infected by being near you. It’s weird.

How to fix this? - Just make it to where Infected have to hit a player with like claws or something to infect them. 3 Hits should be fair and suitable, that way its not too easy to infect or too difficult to survive.

2.) Adrenaline doesn’t do Sh%t - I’ll be honest, Adrenaline is handy, but it doesn’t do much against preventing others from infecting you. You can’t even attack while using it, so it would be better to use as an escape weapon, but it offers nothing to keep you from getting infected.

How to fix this? - Just add in a simple resistance to infections, to where it takes 6 hits and not 3. That way one single zombie can’t take a boosted player down but teamwork can still overcome that obstacle.

3.) Round are too random - In regards to how a player is picked to be infected, there’s really no good indicator as to who it’ll be. This is good in some ways because it prevents players from staying away from one player who COULD be infected any second. But in other ways it causes situations like small groups of players to suddenly all get infected because the guy who they were huddling with turned into a zombie.

How to fix this? - I feel like there should be at least some passive benifits to surviving a round, with survivors being less likely to be first infected, and the top-scoring survivor of that round getting one free hit the following round.

4.) What even is “Enraged”? - Being “Enraged”, as far as I can see, offers no real benifits, nor is there any particular trigger that I’ve found.

How to fix this? - Allow enraged zombies to be faster and have harder attacks, so that they infect in two hits and not 3 if the hit system is implemented.

And thats all the ideas I have for now, at least. Hopefully you guy’s will see this and consider it.


  1. I feel like the only difficulty with that one would be when it comes to lag. Personally, I think you’re nerfing them too much by making it require 3 hits. Plus, requiring claws or something will probably make people yell at the hits not detecting even more. I think instead, a little dash where you boost forward a little bit would be a better alternative.
  2. Adrenaline is just a speed boost. I think the idea is that it helps you not get touched, so yeah it’s super handy against the infected. Getting an armour boost kinda defeats the purpose of Virus in my opinion.
  3. I don’t really have much to say about this one. I agree that the randomness can be kinda weird. Maybe if it was guaranteed to hit every person at least once per cycle so you don’t have the same person infected multiple times.
  4. Enraged is pretty solid I think. It offers a speed boost and more health if I recall correctly. It also happens when first infected dies 3 times in a row without infecting anybody I think.


Your first point may be related to lag, i’ve had games where the hit detection for being infected was really wonky, mostly because the host was in Antarctica or something.

You can attack while under the effects of adrenaline, adrenaline has saved me on multiple occasions.

The third problem doesn’t show up really if everyone is playing intelligently, it’s kinda common sense to not huddle up all together when almost anybody could be the infected. Plus, if you were first infected, you’ll guaranteed be a survivor the next round.

Enraged helps the first infected, well infect, they get it when they are killed a few times without infecting anybody. The enraged effect doubles their HP and increases their movement speed.



I hate to say this, but I think all of these are pretty bad ideas.

No. Running into people for instant kills and chain reactions are core parts of Virus. This isn’t zombiemod.

I find adrenaline to be rather useful as is, as long as you keep an eye on the radar to not get jumped from behind a corner. And as I said, I disagree with survivor “hitpoints”

Nope. I find the pre-round to be one of the most interesting parts of the round and nothing is more rewarding than being patient zero and getting an infected win. There’s a layer of tactics to the pre-round, too. Do you stay far away from everyone? Or do you risk standing close to potential infected, hoping to score free kills if you turn out to be the first?

But… enraged infected… are already faster… and they have more health
as for hitting people to kill them, I already stated my opinion