Virus Slowdown Aura

When a virus is (let’s say) 5 inches away from you, you should get slowed down and you’d be forced to use your adrenaline or else you’d be infected.


just get better theres no reason for this


Can we point out that this would be great for virus and that it’s pretty hard to infect as first virus because there is no enraged mode so I think this feature would be okay being good at the game has nothing to do with it but this suggestion should probably be limited to first infected until they infect someone.

honestly, they really shouldn’t add something like that, what WOULD be better though is if they decide to increase the hitbox on the infected so it is easier to infect others, or improve feedback for the gamemode when it is hosted on a server.
either way i know they’ll fix virus, but adding abilities would take away the charm it already has imo.


or that yeah. we just need something to make it a bit easier like you mentioned increased hitboxes or Enraged Mode like from GMT.


^this guy gets it! all of my yes!

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Yeah Especially when it comes to connection with other players it can be a real pain.

Didn’t they say they would add the infected rage again? (I’m not sure tho so don’t quote me on that)

They want to do something. Rage was the old GMT prototype to help the initial infected spread. It might return, but it could also be replaced with something else (one suggestion was to remove the radar for survivors during the early game).

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Ooo I like that radar idea.