Virus Infected speed

To me, it feels unfair that the infected in virus go the same speed as the non-infected. This allows for the non-infected to have plenty of time to kill the infected and get away. Speeding them up by just a slight amount would make it fell much better!


Infected are slightly faster, however I think they need to be a tad faster.


Yeah nothing to extreme but the infected definitely need a more clear speed advantage.

Based on what I’ve seen, both sides move at the same speed right now. I’ve had multiple situations where I’ve been running an inch behind a survivor (many of them unaware of me being there) for multiple seconds, being unable to catch them.
If the infected are faster, it must be something really marginal, nullified by latency perhaps.

Edit: The speed could scale based on how many infected there are, so that a single infected doesn’t get completely denied.

In team fortress 2 they had a thing when you walk/run backwards your movement was slightly decreasing which means the infected is able to outrun to the non-infected who runs backwards. Maybe that could be added in the game?

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I’m not sure if it’s just that I am very bad at Virus or my guess that the infection hitbox was made smaller. I know there were sometimes I had been the first infected and I could not even get close to the survivors. (I was running forward, going left to right trying not to get hit too.) I’m not sure if it’s because some people have very high ping or they really did make it so you have to run OVER the player.