Virus FPS/stuttering Issues related to sound (on amd processors?)

Ever since I picked up tower unite, I’ve always had a stuttering problem only on the gamemode virus, where seemingly randomly anywhere from half a second to 10 seconds the game is unresponsive. Nowhere else does this happen in the game afaik. Searching the steam forums and here, some other people seem to have reported similar problems on amd fx processors.

Recently however I found a fix for me, which was adding -nosound to the launch options. I did some searching and found some amd audio issues in unreal engine 4, perhaps this is related?

AMD FX-8350
AMD R9 380
Windows 10

I’d guess the audio issues in Unreal Engine 4 are definitely related. Do you use the onboard audio ports (which uses the on board audio “card”)? If so, try using some kind of USB to 3.5mm (normal headphone jack) dongle, or a USB headset. It should use its own separate drivers, which may solve the issue.

Up to this point I’ve been using a usb headset, so no luck there unfortunately

Dang… Well, time to upgrade to Ryzen. Imma tell ya, it was expensive to get a new mobo, ddr4 ram, and a ryzen 5 1600x, but damn was it worth it. With my 980ti, I can max out anything at 1080p while i render a video and do whatever else I want. It’s crazy.

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