Virus Feature

Virus is really good and balanced, but even though viruses are faster, they should have another advantage. I was think the ability to climb (with an exhaust meter), or acid spit. I think this would give the viruses more of a chance at infecting people.

Virus is all about running from and killing the infected. It can get really intense when you have the infected chasing you, especially when they’re on your tail (I think these moments are what make Virus… Virus!)
I honestly think being able to spit acid wouldn’t work to well… It just feels cheap, even if you could only use it one time.

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I have to agree with MaskedKatz here, I’d rather not give the infected any abilities. Virus isn’t about having fancy abilities and classes; the pure simplicity is what makes it so special. Trying to make it more complicated wouldn’t really make it more fun. I do think the infected need some little advantage at the beginning of the round, but that’s for a different thread.

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the game is balanced enough as it is

you just need some genuine skill in order to play and they need to fix networking and predictions

other than that acid spit would completely ruin it