Virus Equality

No this is a post about gender equality, if anything this is a post about class equality.
While playing Virus I noticed that when you are the infected class you don’t earn as much as the survivors. Now what I think should happen is the infected class should be given points per infection.
Why? Well I find that you have to work alot harder for alot less. If you win as a infected the most I’ve gotten so far is 140 so I can’t imagine you can go any more much high point wise.
I just feel things should be a little more balanced point wise especially when being infected can be alot more of a pain in the ass than being a survivor.

(if a post like this was made before sorry but I didn’t spot it)


Sounds like a good idea. I know some people choose Minigolf of Virus because Minigold gives you more units.

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Honestly was just playing virus as I like the game type, not so much for the units but it would be nice to see the payout system evened out somewhat for both survivors and virus stricken victims.

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I think it’s fine as is. Virus doesn’t pay out in kills, it pays out in position (unless this changed and I didn’t notice). All gameworlds tend to reward skillfull play, and skill in Virus tends to boil down to surviving longest and, by extension, killing more infected. Just because you end up infected doesn’t ruin your chances, though, since your kills are not reset upon infection (and, if you play your cards right, you can still get kills via infecting). If you happen to start as infected, you get a free bonus as well. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to see a few more bonuses for the infected, though. In the end, you just need to practice and get better at dying slower. That’s just the opinion of one man, though, I might be alone in saying this.


Basically this. If you manage to infect someone, it counts as a kill. I’ve lost the round as an infected before and still got 1st place, with the payout according. That being said, it is WAY easier to survive than it is to infect, mainly because players generally have at least some skill in gunplay and not very much in internet tag.

The reason I think its a tad unbalanced is due to the fact that infected seems to be the harder of the two classes to win with yet if you do win the payouts aren’t as good.
In a match earlier I managed to win as the infected while in first place with 6ish infects yet all I got was 200 credits, if that had been the other way around and id done that as a survivor then I would have pocketed 350 credits or more I believe(350 being the highest number I remember seeing).

Well, I’m pretty sure the reduced payouts are supposed to be a punishment for getting infected. It’s a bit unfair for the first infected though; maybe give an additional bonus to the first infected for winning the round or something.

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You know what that’s a damn good idea, being chosen first you shouldn’t be punished payout wise but being infected afterwards you should. Now that I like!