Video site support bllibili

My friend and I want to watch the Japan anime in the condos
However, there is not what we want in the supported websites
Hope to support more video sites
This is the website URL(
Please,We want to spend more time on the game

Try getting the actual link location of the video then opening that on media player.
I’ve seen people open websites on their TV’s sometimes

No,Video cannot start playing,Only live broadcast can start playing directly
And the screen is incomplete

what happened to my comment…

Yay Conan!

I think what @kakkiphu meant was to find the actual link to the video data stream, not the webpage hosting it. In a simpler case, the MP4 file that is loaded by the media player.

I just quickly tried it and failed so you might be out of luck for this specific site.

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Support for playing local video is also good,a live