Video of Things Needing to Be Fixed Structurally

If I make a video displaying things that are structurally incorrect as far as consistency and layout inside condos. I.E. improper positioning of lights, baseboards, door frames, columns, etc. Would there be any action taken after review of these things or would they be gazed upon by blind eyes? (Dev. or Admin response only please)

To further explain what I mean. I am talking about walls not lining up, columns not touching their base, light fixtures being hung on incorrect positions of walls etc.

There is very very little chance for developers to even consider this, reason being that people, as soon as they get a condo, will start building in the condo. To make any map changes could mean players’ work becomes obstructed, new bugs can be introduced, and overall it’s probably a pain in the ass to approve and roll out the new changes.

There a few map bugs that are on a to-do, you should be able to find those in this bug report subforum.

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