Vertiginous Golf is free on Steam for 24 hours

Vertiginous Golf is free for 24 hours. Go grab it if you want another game in your library you’ll never play anyways. Or not, I don’t care :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you very much for letting us know about this. I actually saw the game quite a while ago and actually liked the look of it, so I’m quite happy they are giving it away as I actually wanted to play it.

But I don’t think it will be as good as GMT’s and TU’s minigolf, but for the low price of free, I don’t mind.

The game is actually really fun! Challenging but fun for mini golf fans.

Yeah I just tried it out. Only 19 minutes of playtime so far, but that game can get really fun! I see the devs have put aton of effort into it. Graphics look amazing by today’s standards on Satisfactory setting, and it also has some neat unique little features that really makes this game stick out.

Looks interesting! Thanks for letting us know. :heart:

I guess refunding it a week ago was the right move. O_o

Hehe, nice one you did there! I bought Crysis right before it went on a random sale :unamused:

I know the feels. That stuff has happened to me way too many times. :expressionless:

Thanks for this new game I’ll never play! My Steam library feels a bit more consumist now

Cool. I’ve been holding off on getting this for awhile now. Now, I’m really glad I did.

Dystopian steam punk mini golf adventure game. How do people come with this up?

Anyways, redeemed as well. :kissing:

The game is super duper fun, and you honestly cannot compare it to GMT and TU minigolf. You can’t really even call it minigolf, either! I think the chipper is a fun addition to the overall gameplay and can make for some interesting shots!

Made a few videos for the game, I need to get back into it as well.


Oh, that’s too bad. I’m a few months late. :frowning: