Vending Machine load issues


Can’t seem to find anyone else here with the problem so I’ll post this here. As the happy creator of a custom canvas hosted off imgur, it saddens me that whenever I load up my condo the canvas fails to load.

This affects no other canvas items in my condo, just my vending machine.

*Should also note that the problem is not client-side, as I’ve asked other people if they could see the different texture. Several changes of image site hosting have also been made with no success.


Are you hosting the page that its on or only the image? The link should look like ""and not “”.


had this issue as well, just ctrl-x, ctrl-v the URL and then it works again


I think we should seek some more professional help.

@JJosh? What’s your verdict on the issue here? Vending machine canvases still continue to unload for whatever reason. I do believe its a prevelant bug. I should also note that some of the items like Exit Sign 2 and the Round Display Pedestal do not save their light colors.


I thought that was implied when I mentioned all the other canvases were loading fine.

That’s true, but why continue to go through with this hassle if it can just as easily be fixed?

Also good to see that I’m not the only person having this problem.