User vs Moderation/Staff Team


No jail can hold me for 59 days or more!


6 0


I’d rather do 61 days of college work.


On second thought, never mind about the rules, we are down back to 60. Unless you guys want to make a poll about a decision where if the thread is dead for more than 14 days, we can probably allow the same user to post twice. So on with three times, and so on.


Alright, this time it’s 61.

Also Element, if the thread is dead for a long time, I’d say we make a poll now.

Allow for double posting numbers if thread is dead?

  • Yes
  • No

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I was hoping that either yes or no in this poll would be 62%, so I could use that as my joke, but to no avail.


Why would you say no?
Only 63% people would be voting that.


00110110 00110100


Is that 64? I’ll say 65





And then 68 happened.


Sixty Nine



That is all


But wait theres more 71




You’re new. Welcome to the Forums.

Also 73.


Thank you!
I’m not 74 or anything…

Why are you looking at me?


I know you’re not 73 or 74, But I am looking at you for 75 different reasons.



eyeballs from the event so far. Send help.