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So, I don’t think this is a huge issue. Simple for the reason that like any other online games, the developers can’t completely control online interactions. Think of it like whenever you get an online game and you look at it’s ESRB rating, usually it would say something like “Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB” under it, which is essentially what’s going on here.

The best course of action if one is needed, would probably just be to apply the chat filter to server names. Otherwise, I don’t think this is too big of an issue.


A party game is a type of social game.

yeahhhh but they didn’t label the game “social game”
thinking about it. they labelled the game as “Virtual party World”

Also there is a difference when it’s on the server list in the game’s main menu. If it was just somebody being a dick in general chat that’s one thing, but allowing that right on one of the main screens of the game says something about the people running the game.

A better analogy would be somebody putting a bunch of homophobic slurs in the description of their video, that would make people unsubscribe.

So that’s still not the games fault and only a small issue but the examples you had used to Jesusfreak of 20 servers with racist slang is completely over exaggerated as the original screen shot of this thread was. “Pixeltail Games are run by a bunch of idiots!!!”
and again this requires more effort and you can just “ignore it” or use a parental control for racist slurs then problem solved.

Yes it’s an exaggeration, but I’m saying the sooner they put in some quality control on allowed server names, the better. Server names should just have the title of their server, maybe what special rules/mods are in place, and where it’s hosted.

so why are you making such a big deal about it rather than just saying “They should add a parental controls filter for Servers.”

Because I was responding to somebody crying “censorship” and saying that yes, censorship is appropriate in some places. If they want their game to have a certain image to the end user, that involves controlling what people are allowed to do and say on their platform.

If pixeltail don’t give a fuck about what image the end user gets of them, then by all means censor nothing. But I don’t think that’s a successful business strategy.

Listen mate I frankly don’t care at this point to be honest you just gotta live with it. Plus no one said the devs didn’t care and they will end up adding more to the parental controls as I’m pretty sure it’s not even fully complete.

I’m not saying they don’t care, I’m saying IF they don’t care. If they do, then there should be a system in place to control what server names are allowed.

As an aside, it’s not just about a chat filter to block certain words. It’s not the words, it’s the meaning behind those words. You can very easily dodge a chat filter by not using any swear words and still say something incredibly offensive.

You are jumping from 0 to 100 with this whole thing. Just because they allow a server with a very tame insult towards the company to run, doesn’t mean that they are ok with people saying anything racist or even, just insulting any individual in a server name. You are just taking things to the extreme with your ifs and buts


You underestimate people’s ability and willingness to be awful.

No, I’m fairly certain we have all heard you say that people will end up putting racial slurs on server names. That card has been said so much now it’s just repeating itself. We know what people can say and do on these server names, but I completely agree with @_Kpazz_Smokey_Mcpot in the fact that you’re just jumping to conclusions from something very weak and insignificant. If one of the server names say something extremely rude to a group or race, I fully believe the devs will go through and take it down, but you’re just jumping to extreme conclusions from something that started as a joke. Parental Controls aren’t complete, the dev team will most likely remove servers with extensively insulting messages, and this occurrence had barely any significance other than to just start this chasing-our-tails arguments of who can scream louder about their point. Let’s just all agree on the fact that they will hopefully end up moderating ones if they’re insulting to others and leave this conversation here.


To be fair, if I had a 10 year old sibling that was on here and they seen a racial slur on the main menu that would anger me so much.

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I’m well aware of what people will do. I’m also aware that the Devs know the difference between a harmless insult and offensive slurs. You’ve amplified this whole situation to the point people are commenting their opinion on seeing racism when it is something that hasn’t happened. You’re just completely over exaggerating this topic to epic proportions.


I made one exaggeration to say where it could go and somebody actually defended that exaggeration saying it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Well, his loss. He gave them his money. :laughing:


Christ, of all the things to be offended by and it’s “pixeltail Is bad!!!”


Would just like to clarify that Im not offended by this :stuck_out_tongue:

The story behind this server name was this guy who PMed me about windows dedicated not updating, but linux dedicated is (as the linux version is the most tested). I mentioned we were considering dropping windows dedicated support, but that I will go ahead and update the windows dedicated build for him right now.

He complained that dropping windows dedicated was a bad move, but I told him nothing was decided yet and we would have a public poll before deciding dropping windows dedicated support.

He went on the Steam community forums and posted how we were bad developers for dropping windows dedicated support, even though I told him we haven’t yet. And then he hosted this server.

This person was found to be notrious for doing similar things to other game developers and banned for it in the past.

We did not ban him or take any action other than informing him. I did also message him that the latest windows dedicated was up again.

Now, other than maybe filtering racist words, we have no real intention to alter server titles.

We also will most likely not add the mentioned racist fitler for a long time - unless it becomes a larger issue.

Our current stance is to list all the servers unfiltered and let you decide what servers you wish to join.

Also, we will probably continue to support windows dedicated servers, but not because of one guy’s bad behavior.