Upgrading to 64-bit

This is going to be really unrelated to the game so I don’t mind if I’m moved to Off Topic or anything.
Here’s the story: I really really really want TU, but i’ve been a mac scrub my whole life, and since TU isn’t coming to Mac for ages I decided to uh, “obtain” Windows 10. I’m running Windows 10 side by side with my Mac through Parallels. (which helps me runs Windows) The problem is every time I create a virtual machine with Windows it’s standard is a 32-bit operating system which TU doesn’t support. I don’t know why 32-bit still exists but I need to upgrade to play. I’ve checked the software and it says I can. I’ve checked Google on how to actually upgrade with no luck.
What I really need is someone who can coach me through the process without having any external help (Windows support, USB drives)
I understand if this isn’t worth your time because it’s been a goddamn nightmare for me. But if you can, give me some advice so I can run TU.
EDIT: Nothing has really worked so I just refunded the game, not out of spite I swear. I guess I’ll just wait 6 months for the Mac release.

Have you tried getting a 64 bit version of Windows 10

Wow, what a concept. Each version of Windows I can find is 32bit-64bit, always starting on 32bit. These is no 64bit exclusivity as far as I know.

Go here,


And follow the steps under media creation tool. If your CPU supports 64bit it will have an option to create that version of a USB or DVD install.