Upgrade suggestions megathread!

Gameworld: Zombie Massacre
Item: Overcharged (Electrician - Telsa Zap)
Description: during telsa zap the electrician is surrounded by electricity
In-game: My hair is standing up

Gameworld: Zombie Massacre
Item: Cartoon (Electrician - Telsa Zap)
Description: Zombies are now shocked with cartoon lighting bolts
In-game: Zap!

Gameworld: Zombie Massacre
Item: Shriek (Journalist - Camera Flash)
Description: The journalist makes a high-pitch scream
In-game: Scream at the top of your lungs

Gameworld: Zombie Massacre
Item: Hacker (Mercenary - Focus Shoot)
Description: When active the mercenary rapidly spins
In-game: Vote-kick in 3 2 1…

Gameworld: Zombie Massacre
Item: Scythe (Survivor - Blade Trap)
Description: The blade trap is now a scythe
In-game: Become the grim reaper

Gameworld: Zombie Massacre
Item: Whirlpool (Scientist - Blackhole)
Description: The blackhole is now a whirlpool
In-game: A wet vortex

Gameworld: Zombie Massacre
Item: Quicksand (Scientist - Blackhole)
Description: a sand pit pulls down zombies
In-game: Quick grab onto something

Gameworld: Zombie Massacre
Item: Pitfall (Scientist - Blackhole)
Description: Zombies are pulled into a hole in the ground
In-game: Back to the grave you go

Gameworld: Zombie Massacre
Item: Ballrace-Attract thing (Scientist - Blackhole)
Description: The scientist places a attractor form ballrace Memories and Midori to pull in zombies
In-game: Different gameworld same job

Gameworld: Zombie Massacre
Item: Sun (Scientist - Blackhole)
Description: A tiny sun sucks in zombies
In-game: My eyes!

Gameworld: Zombie Massacre
Item: Perfume (Scientist - Explosive Flask)
Description: Perfume bottles are thrown at zombies causing a pink explosion with flowers
In-game: Disguise the smell of the dead


i want to see a christmas ball ornament as a ball race ball




honestly i was not expecting that

add either the head or skin of the Dragon From the TU Indiegogo including the LC Helmets.


Gameworld: Little Crusaders

Item: Mecha-Dragon (Dragon Skin, and parts)

Item: Sphinx Dragon (Dragon Skin, and parts)

Item: Nue Chimera (Dragon Skin, and other parts)

Item: Samurai Knights (Knight Skin and other parts)

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Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Holey Ghost (Ghost Face)
Description: The ghost is full of spots like Charlie Brown’s Halloween costume
In-game: Just like swiss cheese

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: No Face (Ghost Face)
Description: The ghost doesn’t have a face at all
In-game: …

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Clown makeup (Ghost Face)
Description: The ghost has clown makeup on
In-game: Jokes on me

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Devil Tail (Dragon Tail)
Description: The dragon gets a tail with an arrow at the end
In-game: Want to make a deal?

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Chameleon Tail (Dragon Tail)
Description: The dragon’s tail becomes a chameleon tail
In-game: Camouflage wont work here

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Gator Tail (Dragon Tail)
Description: The dragon gets a tail that is like a alligator/crocodile

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Tiger Skin (Dragon Skin)
Description: The dragon is given the stripes of a tiger

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Swampy (Dragon Skin)
Description: The dragon is muddy and covered in plants

Gameworld: Ball Race
Item: Cracked (Glass Material)
Description: The glass is cover in cracks
In-game: Hope it doesn’t brake

Gameworld: Ball Race
Item: Paper (Material)
Description: The ball is covered in news paper
In-game: My 2nd grade paper mache project


Gameworld: Minigolf
Item: Snowflake (Trail)
Description: Snowflakes fly out from the back of the golf ball, like a Winter Wonderland.
In-game: Feel like it’s Winter, even though it isn’t.

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I think you got those descriptions mixed around :stuck_out_tongue:

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Dragon Hat - Glasses
Description: A pair of glasses for the visually impaired dragons out there.
In-game: Ah yes, I am an intellectual.

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Dragon Skin - Lightning Dragon
Description: I saw the fire and ice dragons skins, so why not have a lightning skin to complete the fire/ice/lightning breath set?
In-game: A storm is comin’.

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Gameworld: Zombie Massacre
Item: Beer Barrel (Doctor - Healing Kit)
Description: Replaces the doctors healing kit deployable with one of the beer barrels - either the metal or wooden one.
In-game description: It won’t heal you, but it’ll certainly numb the pain when the zombies start clawing at your back.


Item: Vending Machine (Doctor - Healing Kit)
Description: Same as the barrel above, but with a vending machine.
In-game description: Nothing like a cool, refreshing soda to get you back into the zombie-killing mood.


Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Angel Skin (Dragon Skin)
Description: May the God rain upon a Holy Dragon.

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Angel Wings (Dragon Wings)
Description: A Purest Dragons ascends to the heavens!



Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Earth Skin (Dragon Skin)
Description: Earth a Massive elemental to fire,ice and lightning

Pick which skins are the best to use.

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@Johanna what do you think about another element to the list?

Mini-Sun [Ball replacement]
A glowing orange-yellow sun, its yellow’ish marks animate and morph across itself. Emits faint transparent sunbursts.
In-game description:
Bring on the heat wave with this pocket-sized heart of the solar system!

Mini-Moon [Ball replacement]
A faintly glowing moon, similar to the current bowling ball moon with some slight glow so it stands out in dark areas with the addition of bump-mapped craters.
In-game description:
No, it’s not a stone golf ball. It’s an actual moon but pocket-sized. Seriously.

@FancyCrow Here’s one I made last night out of boredom to add to your list if you’d like.



Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Life Force Crystal (Dragon Button)
Description: A enchanted Crystal giving the it life for the dragon, but if its touched then it becomes deactivated for the dragon to die.

Note: if its touch or pushed then it becomes gray or red which it turns off similar to a button.

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Cosmic Dragon (Dragon Skin)
Description: Galaxys,nebula’s and space itself trying to form the ultimate life force (idk if it could have changing colors slowly?)

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Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Robo Dragon (Dragon Skin)

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Jetpack (Dragon Wings)
Description: 2 separate jet pack making a dragon flight possible.

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Light Bulb (Dragon Button)
Description: Light. Death. Light. Death…

Goes well with the Robot Dragon Pack >:)

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Torch (Dragon Button)
Description: Quick Put out the FIRE!!! Before everything burns to the GROUND!!!

Gameworld: Little Crusaders
Item: Dragon Soul (Dragon Button)
Description: a Soul hovering behind its back, Touch it and you will free its evil spirit leading to death.

I like this idea


Gameworld : Little Crusaders

Item : Ghost (Dragon Skin)

Description : The dragon appears as a light blue wisp. Its body is transparent and he leaves a small trail when he moves.

In-Game Description : I ain’t afraid of no dragon.

Gameworld : Little Crusaders

Item : Templar (Knight Skin)

Description : The knight’s tunic is white and with a red cross in the center.

In-Game Description : Now you’re a literal little crusader!

Gameworld : Little Crusaders

Item : Escape Key (Dragon Button)

Description : The dragon’s button is replaced with a keyboard key with “Esc” written on it.

In-Game Description : Have you tried turning the dragon off and on again?

Gameworld : Zombie Massacre

Item : Tortoise Formation (Survivor’s Shield)

Description : The survivor’s surroundes himself with shields, forming a tortoise formation.

In-Game Description : Shields!


Gameworld : Virus

Item : Sonic fartgun? (sonic shotgun)

Description : The sonic shotgun alt fire instead will release a pressurised fart pushing its foes back

In-Game Description : Not quite silent and deadly…

Gameworld : Virus

Item : Sonic PunchGun (sonic shotgun)

Description : the sonic shotgun will tun into some hands, normal shot will be a quick jab, the alt fire will be a charge up uppercut which sends people back.

In-Game Description : Pump action… shotgun fists?

for these pistol types i think making each hand different would work

Gameworld : Virus

Item : Silenced hand stab (silenced pistol)

Description : The Silenced pistol but it is a hand that is open flat like a high five that will do like a hand stab that silently sens out a stabbing bullet

In-Game Description : No one can defeat the silent flying hand stab…

Gameworld : Virus

Item : NO Plasma Rifle (plasma auto-rifle)

Description : its the plasma rifle but with fists and kicks, it will do a bunch of little punches/jabs (that will make the normal plasma bullets come out) for the main fire, then will charge up a kick and do a large laser kick for the plasma ALT fire.
In-Game Description : Weaponry is not needed when i am the true deadliest weapon!

Gameworld : Virus

Item : Tommy FIST Gun (Tommy gun)

Description : The normal fire will be a set of random unorganised punches that will shoot the bullets. it will look kind of like this but not stretchy

In-Game Description : Who needs bullets when you have a deadly storm of punches!!!

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