Update makes the server to old to run on

Apparently there was a GMT update today and it automatically updated for me while I was away for a bit.

Now I’m getting the message: 'The server you are trying to connect to is running an older version of the game.

So does this mean I have to wait until a server restart so the server is actually up to date with the update I got?

If so, when will this happen?.. I’d like to play… :disappointed:

If it works differently, please tell me, I’m curious :sweat_smile:


All you got to do is wait for a dev to update the server.
And just as a notice, incase a server should say that it is running a newer version, then that means you need to update your client.


Yep, i got the same message. I hate when this happens :disappointed:

Any idea when this restart will take place? :smile: