Update/Hot Fix

This update addresses several issues that were reported.

Little Crusaders: Dragon Bite and Knight Button Press is now predicted!

Using advanced methods, we’ve finally predicted the dragon bit and button presses. This change will make Little Crusaders more tolerable for those who have higher pings. On top of that, the bite radius and button press radius have all been tweaked to be more reliable.


  • Improved player animations a bit, head movement now moves properly when rotating around in place
  • Added horizontal head movement while in a seat, so now you can stare at people while in your comfy seat
  • Updated look of action menu buttons a bit (the C button menu)
  • Updated look of tower express button on the pause menu to make it more clear what it is
  • You can now rotate your character while in the appearance editor in Plaza/Condo
  • If you are finished in Ball Race/Minigolf, payout will occur even if you are AFK
  • Added a toggle third person keybind that allows you to quickly toggle back and forth between thirdperson and first person in Plaza/Condo
  • When viewing yourself in Plaza/Condo, your head no longer moves
  • Plaza event treasure count now shows how many are left for you, instead of just the entire server
  • Updated teleporter visuals a bit

Little Crusaders Changes

  • Dragon bite is now predicted
  • Increased dragon bite radius
  • Reduced dragon bite recovery duration
  • Knight button press is now predicted
  • Dragon once again pushes Knights off when it jumps
  • Dragon can now tail swipe when moving/biting/roaring
  • Made it slightly easier to pancake knights as dragon
  • Reduced dragon bhopping acceleration
  • Reduced knight bhopping acceleration
  • Dragon rotation animations no longer are active when biting or roaring (prevents weird rotation issues)
  • Knights who are stunned by tail swipe can no longer just stop themselves in mid air
  • Toy Room - Removed the invisible wall of the cup (as it was not clear it was there) and added a pencil pathway to solve the cup camping spot
  • Taunt button is now bound to reload (default R) instead of right click to fatal avoid misclicks
  • Updated the HUD text for ranks a bit
  • Adjusted eye height offsets for first person cameras for knights and ghosts (you’re shorter now and match the size of the knights)
  • Slays/deaths now show up for dragon and ghosts on scoreboard

Virus Changes

  • Sonic Shotgun alt fire blast is now predicted
  • Plasma Autorifle primary fire cannot be fired if you are charging alt fire
  • Sonic Shotgun can no longer charge while reloading
  • Reduced infected slash hit sound volume
  • Reduced infected slash trace distance
  • If the infected win, the round no longer freezes all player movements
  • Infected players no longer block damage traces by other infected players
  • Survivors no longer block weapon traces, so you can shoot through your friends again
  • Optimized spawn effects

Ball Race Changes

  • Optimized pickup effects

Bug Fixes

  • Investigated the workshop crashes, hopefully resolved some issues
  • Fixed a bug with the audio system stopping all sound if there are more than 32 players in a single area together
  • Fixed a bug with the voice audio system preventing new voice IP streams if there are more than 3-4 players talking at once
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed dragon being able to crouch (just effected the camera, not gameplay)
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed a camping spot in Ampitheatre
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed a bug with player rotations for ghosts and knights
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed a bug where ghost music would play over top of the round/spawn music
  • Virus: Fixed last round ending weirdly
  • Virus: Fixed head collision (for headshots) not matching infected animation
  • ZM: Fixed helicopter being damagable
  • ZM: Fixed bug where player zombies could be sucked up by the black hole forever
  • Minigolf: Fixed wearables not hiding completely when getting a HIO
  • Typing Derby: Fixed issue that prevented the game from ending properly
  • Fixed magic trampoline condo permission not working
  • Fixed instrument condo permission not working
  • Fixed pistol shoot animations reverting legs to center
  • Fixed square teleporter material visual bug
  • Fixed a bug where you could enter viewing self while in the pause menu

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You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.



I think it’s supposed to say higher pings


i played, others seem to have issues with it, but now i realised it wasn’t me that’s bad as a knight
it was the fact my ping made it so i never actually pressed the button when i did,
i actually got more than 1 kill as knight while playing LC
this actually makes LC playable for me now

Does this mean Update 7.0.0 will be the main priority now?

Yes, gimme the achievements

It’s always been main priority, we’ve been working on it alongside all these fixes. These fixes are because of the achievement work.

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Alright but this time I want Shared Jackpot to be coming out instead of put back in active development like last time bro.

It’s in the changelog for


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