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  • https://trello.com/c/qAPZ6RlN/173-steam-achievements-stats-leaderboards-and-badges-milestones

Bug Fixes

    Before Ship

    • Build
    • Test
    • Write changelog
    • Deploy

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    This update will be a great achievement for the game.


    this is yes, very yes


    This update should be the top of the leaderboards of all the updates



    I agree, this is a huge milestone for the game.


    these puns make me sad and happy
    but yeah this is going to be a good update


    The Devs Deserve a Badge for all the work they’re doing!


    I wonder what the stats are for how much work they out into this?


    Good thing they have already gained so much experience working on the game


    :expressionless: I hate all of you.


    Guys, we need this update stat(s)!

    EDIT: dang, someone already made a stat joke


    The game’s gonna be on a whole new level after this update!