ok now this is truly epic.


was “build” mistakenly taken off?
there’s still stuff left to check off


doubt it, or it would have been ticked off by now


The build is done, but we gotta test it, then it’ll be ready. But we’re waiting for the backend achievement stuff still. It’s one of the main reasons for this patch.


Backend stuff is done! Took actually several months and hard work from @Sketchman. @Caboose700, and I also helped out, but really it was mostly Rob’s hard work to get it working.

Now that the backend is complete, we can start developing other wanted features like Fishing in Condos, Weekly Events, Store Sales, and other ideas we’ve had. We also now can do secure achievements (that award units), milestones, and EXP!

  • "New backend for achievement update" has been checked off on the "Changes" checklist.


Does anyone know exactly what this is?

also great work devs!


Condo chat now defaults to local chat

Long time coming, thank you.


dude i was so annoyed that i always have to switch to local chat, thank you devs for this





  • "Test" has been checked off on the "Before Ship" checklist.


Can’t wait to vote kick everyone from my games.

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