Hey sTUpendous players, got a hot new update for you. No Casino features are in this update, stay tuned and follow our progress on Trello.

28 New items:

  • Placeable doors: Theater, Cubicle, Glass, Metal, Wood, Kitchen, Bedroom, Sliding, Club, Automatic, Fancy Automatic
  • Gramophone, Basket Ball Hoop, Basket Ball, Punching Bag, Barber Pole, Pizza, Dance Floor, Umbrella, Umbrella Stand, Ship Wheel, Closed Cardboard Box, Boxing Ring, Beach Volleyball Net, Microphone Stand, Outdoor Cushioned Chair, Canvas Statue

Attention GMT Legacy Donors, GMT players, and Indiegogo backers!
In this update, we’re happy to give you some special exclusive items, as we previously promised.

  • GMT Legacy Donors will get: Golden Plate, VIP Basket, Lobby 1 Plate, Lobby 2 Plate, the original GMT trophies (10!), Lobby 1 Trophy, Classic Sunabouzu Shrine, Classic Catsack, and Classic Stash of Goods.
  • All GMT Players will get: Lobby 1 Plate, Lobby 2 Plate, and the original GMT trophies (10!)
  • Indiegogo Backers ($15+) will get: Lobby 1 Trophy, Classic Sunabouzu Shrine, and Classic Catsack


  • Added media player SoundCloud support
  • Changed media player web browser to use the Steam SDK’s ISteamHTMLSurface API; this means we have support for additional video encodings. YouTube should no longer report that Adobe Flash player is required on some videos.
  • Any webpage URL can now be requested for media players in the Condo
  • Local chat messages are now labeled “Local”
  • When a player’s ping is bad, it’ll color their ping signal bars yellow. When the ping is REALLY bad, it’ll be red. This should help inform who has a bad connection a lot easier
  • Virus: When a gun is out of ammo, it’ll be red in the selection menu
  • Virus: You now have to fully charge the alt fire for Sonic Shotgun to have it air blast
  • Beer, Wine, Margarita, and Soda Can are no longer “Spawn Once” and will save in the Condo now
  • Edible items will turn into a “trash” state after being fully consumed which will allow the owner to delete them if they want, but they can choose not to allowing them to build giant walls of beer and wine again
  • Item property sliders (such as scale for Canvas) have been vastly improved and also allow for manual number entry
  • You can now hold Q and it’ll display all player name tags at once
  • When another player is behind a wall, their voice chat volume will be reduced and muffled
  • The Shooting Gallery can now be played, but is still largely unfinished and is just a test of our Lobby game systems
  • You can now interact with the Globe item


  • Fixed some YouTube videos reporting that Adobe Flash is required
  • Fixed Ball Race round HUD going past the amount of levels in the map
  • Fixed being able to alt fire Double Barrel even when you don’t have enough ammo to
  • Fixed certain items not saving their color properly
  • Fixed Alpine map icon looking bad at lower settings
  • Fixed Planet Panic overview camera flickering
  • Fixed trampoline bouncing you when you hit underneath it
  • Fixed replication for Speed Shoes/potions upon spawn/respawn
  • Fixed missing collisions on Old Computer
  • Minigolf - Garden: Hole 1 Stuck in Tube
  • Minigolf - Garden: Hole 13 Stuck in Tube + HIO Guarantee
  • Minigolf - Garden: Stuck in Plinko
  • Fixed spacing between name and ping text on player name tags
  • Fixed a hole in the collision in the Laser Tag waiting room
  • Fixed stair item UI not remembering width properly
  • Virus - Desertion: Ceiling inside Temple no longer dev texture
  • Virus - Desertion: Previous kill volume above level is now just a blocking volume, to make the Sonic Shotgun less powerful outside
  • Fixed a bug where the Beach Ball (or the new Basket Ball) could fall through the ground and be lost until you restart the Condo. Now it respawns the physics items at the spawn point
  • Fixed Beach Ball and pets clipping through the item store stand when being viewed
  • Fixed the store checkout button only allowing you to check out with 29 items in the cart instead of 30
  • Fixed red flowers in the plaza planters having collision when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed bug where if you drag an item and then click a non-item, it will close the inventory menu even if you have Q held
  • Fixed a bug where if you drag an item, you will not be able to highlight or drag another item
  • Fixed a bug where if you clicked on something that is not an item it would close the inventory menu even if you have Q held
  • Fixed a bug where the crosshair would display while you are dragging items
  • Fixed Theater ceiling and wall collisions
  • Fixed a bug where releasing the Q key would sometimes not close the inventory

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:


Aww yea

Trophies are beautiful, it all adds a nice flair to any condo. :star2:

and other cool stuff


I woke up to a surprise.

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Placing up canvas windows should be much easier now with the new slider.

God bless ya, devs

Now to figure out where to put all of these trophies.

Woohoo, thanks!

Seriously, that is a lot of things. Great work guys!

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hey those fixes are p cool

I’m going to play, when I’m done with this jury exam…
The sad part oh, “having a life to be part of.”

Oh and.

Yaharr, firing the cannon lads!

Thank you guys!

An update? Woah
Thanks good devs, you did a good job.

I had this nagging feeling the Legacy items wouldn’t be as cool as the Kickstarter items. But I’m happy with what I have! I’m not complaining. C:

Not sure if anyone else have noticed this but if you put the ceiling fan facing up on the ground and jump over it you will actually start to levitate up and down. Really cool thing that they added in.


You should of seen the chat right before deploy.