This update continues our focus on further stabilizing the game and improving player experience.


  • Fixed not being able to interact with stuff while in third person
  • Fixed voice being disabled during Minigolf waiting phase
  • Fixed Minigolf ball colors being wrong upon first spawn
  • Possible “Waiting for host” improvement. Valve helped us out with this one.
  • “Waiting for host” timeout no longer kicks the player to the main menu
  • Possible fix for fatal error crash related to Lobby queue boards
  • Fixed Planet Panic timer being weird (ex. displaying 1:3 instead of 01:03)
  • Minigolf pocket music jingles can now be turned down just like all other music
  • Fixed Planet Panic HUD reporting the wrong team, pickup amount, or health
  • Fixed flashlight not being deleted upon death


  • Added mouse settings: sensitivity (does not save yet)
  • Players can now continue playing in the Lobby while the “Waiting for host” UI is displayed
  • Connecting to hosts through Lobby queues can now be cancelled
  • Added admin global voice muting (server mute in moderation panel)
  • Disallowed duplicate media requests in the theater/condo
  • Sorted player names in the Lobby scoreboard
  • Optimized the Condo
  • Increased chatbox size
  • Increased duration of chat message visibility
  • Added higher quality map preview images
  • Made the unfinished tag on items more noticeable
  • Changed “purchase” to “unlock” to make it clear these are in-game unlocks only
  • Turned up 3D voice volume

What we’re actively working on:

  • Memory leaks
  • Some game settings don’t save
  • Linux dedicated Lobby servers crashing
  • Condo / Lobby door connections
  • Virus weapons sometimes appear out of the hands of other players
  • Ball Race overview camera does not disable on the first level sometimes
  • Theater vote skip
  • Key binding

Key binding is still in progress, but will require us to upgrade our Unreal Engine version to 4.11.
This upgrade will take us a bit of time. We understand how important this is and we are working quickly to get it finished and in your hands.


ayy a new update


To keep the hype train at bay,
we release a new update every day!


slow clap

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Bullshit. Valve helps nobody.


Thank GOD.


Still can’t wait for out items and monieees to transfer from gmt to tu you guys think it will happen this week or next week?

They don’t know themselves. First bugfixing, second testing transfer, third roll out the transfer.

Possible “Waiting for host” improvement. Valve helped us out with this one."

Yay!, I hope that was fixed

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Make sure to take a brake soon guys! Don’t over work. As much as we want you to make the game better, humans need brakes.


Changed “purchase” to “unlock” to make it clear these are in-game unlocks only

As I posted in Discord, not really a fan of this. It kind of ruins the immersion effect, and I don’t think it is that big of a problem that needed to be addressed.

Awesome to see so many updates. You guys are doing fantastic :smiley:

We noticed that some of our users were confusing in-game “purchasing” with micro-transactions.
When using our UI, these users would hesitate to click on purchase buttons for items.
Some would even express anxiety over the decision to buy an in-game item.

If this were a game coming out several years ago this would be a fairly small problem.

But with the sheer number of games available nowadays where “purchasing” is so closely analogous with real world transactions, we want to be abundantly clear that our in-game money is in-game money.

It is with this reasoning that we decided to change the terminology to “unlocking” in accordance with classic gaming nomenclature.

I understand your concern about breaking immersion, but the last thing we need is people thinking our game is some kind of elaborate trick to empty their steam wallets.


I can see where you’re coming from with this, although I might add that it feels to me as though the term ‘unlock’ implies a permanent, reusable addition to your collection of items, as a opposed to a single item added to your inventory requiring you to obtain additional copies if needed (unless I’m vastly misinterpreting the inventory system and I can in fact place items I’ve bought multiple times at once). Not to mention the potential to mistake the system for micro-transactions is still there to a degree (the user is expending money in-game to unlock a new item).

I can’t think of an alternate suggestion at the present time (my personal opinion was that ‘buy’ or ‘purchase’ would be fine so long as it’s made clear that the stores are not using micro-transactions - the use of the term ‘units’ and its custom currency symbol, the ‘no micro-transactions’ marketing on the store page and trailers, perhaps adding a notice to the start/introduction/tutorial of the game or the checkout screen etc.), but I figured I’d add my thoughts to the discussion nonetheless.